Age Of Ultron Trailer Dissection

HawkeyeHawkeye ushering people to safety

Tony talks about his new creation: “This vulnerable world? Needs something more powerful than any of us.”
Ultron taunting Tony: “Everyone creates the thing they dread.”

hawkeye 2Hawkeye in the woods doing Hawkeye things

ultron botsUltron-bots attack the team

doraMysterious African woman disrobes (Two theories: She’s Black Panther’s Body Guard Dora Milaje, or Death herself, leading up to Thanos’ attempt at courting death.)

bwBlack Widow being held down by a woman in a suit, possible torture. Flashback to her brain washing?

hulkHulk killing cops

cap vs ultronUltron Vs. Captain America

ultronUltron shooting a death beam

o boy“Oh boy,” as the team backs away from… The Hulk? Ultron? Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver? The Vision? WHO IS IT?


What we didn’t see:

Black Panther – Perhaps T’Challa isn’t in the film after all, but his mortal enemy Klaw and body guard Dora Milaje both may be.
The Vision – Marvel has revealed EVERYTHING ELSE about the film, but no Vision. So maybe there’s still hope for surprises in this film!


What all this means: Not 1, but 3 members (maybe even 4 if Black Panther cameos) get introduced in this film, so don’t expect all three to be on the team by the films end (although they most likely will). Ultron mentions that he is going to “tear you apart from the inside.” To me, that could be a reference to Avengers: Disassembled, when Ultron-bots came pouring out of the Vision’s face– killing him. Ultron could be placing the Vision on the team for a later return… Or he could just be planting seeds of hatred throughout the team leading to their eventual disbanding (since Avengers 3 is supposed to have it’s own unique team).
Several Redditors pointed out that Hulk’s eyes may or may not be red– possibly due to Scarlet Witch.
Black Widow is seen possibly younger looking just before a possible lobotomy– Who is the mysterious woman holding her down? Someone from Hydra? SHIELD? Is it a flash back? Or is this happening in real time? Her hair is different, so who knows?
Quicksilver and the Vision get no love in this trailer, (although Pietro’s face is shown) so here’s hoping they make up for that in the film!
And as for that disrobing lady– I bet (since we also saw a Klaw lookalike) she’s Black Panther related, with Wakanda appearing in the film. Is she his body guard? Some also think she may be Death herself, possibly awaiting Thanos. Will this film have any plot points that tie into future films? Avengers 3?

There’s a lot of new stuff in this trailer, but nothing too revealing. We’re gonna have to wait for the film! May can’t come fast enough! Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!