Agents of SHIELD News: Spoilers Ahead

With the loss of Agent Triplett, and the addition of Skye’s powers, a lot has happened this season, leading to some pretty big changes. Throughout the season many characters took backseat roles to the exploration of Skye’s past, Coulson’s carving, and Ward’s dark side, that Agent May has kind of taken a back seat.

With the addition of Blair Underwood (LA Law, The Event, Ironside), as May’s ex-husband, we can expect to see more of her. Underwood has been cast as Dr. Andrew Garner for an unknown number of episodes, so who knows what role he’ll play in the team’s lives. Could he be Hydra? Does the team turn to him for help with Skye’s newfound powers? We’ll have to wait and see.

There are a lot of questions left with this turn of events in Agents of SHIELD; Where does Hydra stand? Will we see more, or will Hydra take a back seat to some newer threats (i.e. Inhuman related characters)? Any one else have questions? Let us know! We’ll talk about them on the show!