Weekly SHIELD Debriefing: Inhumans Coming To Agents of SHIELD?

For those of you up to date on Agents of SHIELD, the following post is just for you. For those of you that are a little behind… Be warned. This post is filled with spoilers.



Ok. So. You guys know that SHIELD and HYDRA have currently been fighting over an object known as the Obelisk. What is it? That’s a question I can’t answer definitively, but I have a feeling it’s related to Terrigen mists that created the Inhumans. Thousands of years ago, Kree explorers stumbled upon Earth. Seeing it’s primitive nature, they experimented on humans, and some became the Inhumans, due to a reaction to Terrigen mists. That’s the origin of the Inhumans. So what does this mean for SHIELD?

Skye is an Inhuman. That’s my theory.

1. The Kree appeared last season, and its blood is what brought Coulson back from death.

2. Skye underwent the same treatment, but the blood didn’t effect her the same way. Coulson and Garrett both used the Kree blood, and both went crazy in their own way. Garrett’s insanity led to his death, while Coulson appears to have his under control, as long as he carves that mysterious design.

3. Skye’s father is pretty strong, and is kind of crazy as well. I believe he is an Inhuman, and that passed down to Skye genetically. That’s why the Kree blood treatment didn’t effect her. She’s already in one way or another related to the Kree so the blood didn’t effect her mind.

What does this all mean? The Inhumans are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This lines up with recent “leaks” about future films (one being The Inhumans), and the likelihood that Marvel is focusing more on Inhumans in the comics and less on the X-Men until the rights are back at Marvel. The Inhumans would fit well, and would be easier to explain their absence up until now, a lot easier than Mutants. So Fox can hang onto the X-Men. I’d rather see the Inhumans anyways!