All Metal’s Eve

Tonight I watched one of the best localĀ  shows that I have ever been to. Tonight I saw Collisions In Grey And Red, We Build Tomorrow, and Chasing Sokaris. If you haven’t heard their music, check the music tab above. Zac and Chuck’s Untitled Podcast can go officially on record as saying we support the local music scene, and we love to see bands playing shows and doing what they can to get their names out there. I also gave a lot of Zac and Chuck stickers away to all the people who would accept them.

To break down the show, here are the bands as follows:

Collisions In Grey And Red – I will say they’re the best band of the night, but I’m a little biased. Being friends with the band, and having hung out with them prior to the show helps with that opinion. BUT they are immensely talented, and I will definitely be keeping you updated on their upcoming album release (although I already have a copy, cause my life is dope). You can find them on Bandcamp, toting previous releases. They played their entire upcoming album 1963 (I think that’s the year Ethan was born?) in it’s entirety flawlessly, regardless of a few minor things (I believe Ethan, the drummer, cut his hand or something, shortly after his drum stool broke, and he had to play in a state of discomfort.) They killed it, blew me away yet again, and I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future.

We Build Tomorrow – The second band I saw (I missed the first band of the night, came in to see Collisions) was We Build Tomorrow, a really talented group of guys, and you can here them on YouTube. They did some covers, and some originals, and they’re really tight. Solid vocals, catchy tunes, and a talented drummer, these guys took the hardcore show and threw us for a loop (by not being a hardcore band). Check them out, these guys have a lot of potential. Buy a t-shirt!

Chasing Sokaris – The last band of the night that I saw, Chasing Sokaris, was the biggest surprise for me. This is the only band on the bill I had never seen before, and they are really talented. They played a really solid set that sounded fresh and loud, just the way I like it. The energy was high, and they brought the most out of the crowd with some spin kicks, a push pit here and there, and one guy scooting around on the floor on his butt. Talented guys, great vocals, not much else to say other than check them out on YouTube, and if you get a chance, go see them and throw money at them.
The show was solid, and I had a great time after with Grown-Up Mike and Carter (of Collisions) eating thai noodles and tofu while talking comic books, movies, and watching South Park. (Maybe I’ll get an interview one of these days…)