Avengers: Ultron Forever [Time Runs Out, Spider-Verse, Axis, Secret Wars… And now This?]

Remember Original Sin? Kinda? Well there was a tie in issue recently where the Avengers traveled into the future hundreds and thousands of years into the future, and saw different possible futures for the Avengers, including one where Ultron rules the worlds. The Avengers have no power to stop it, but in the upcoming Avengers: Ultron Forever story, taking place in issues of Uncanny Avengers, New Avengers, and Avengers.

The story will see Avengers from the past, present, and future, teaming up to stop Ultron.

This event works a lot like the current Spider-Verse event, and will probably tie into Secret Wars as well. All current events may be messy on paper, but in the overall scheme of things, it seems Marvel is working towards a big payoff, so I’m willing to give it a shot.

There is a definite tie to past stories like Avengers Forever, Captain America Corps, and heavily influenced by writers like Kurt Busiek and Roger Stern. The team will feature Walt Simonson’s Thor, the current Thor, James Rhodes as Iron Man (from his days when Tony retired and he took over), the 1960’s pre-Avengers Hulk, a female Captain America from the future (Danielle Cage, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ daughter), and I’m guessing modern Vision and Black Widow leading the charge. This event definitely looks interesting, I can’t wait til I get to read it. I’ll keep everyone updated as details come out!


The event will be written and penciled by Al Ewing and Alan Davis, respectively. It hits shelves April 2015, just after Time Runs Out ends and Secret Wars begins.