Batman V. Superman Coming Sooner Than Expected?


This image got leaked earlier this week supposedly coming from an advanced screening of the trailer to be attached to Jupiter Ascending, hitting theaters next month. The trailer should show more footage of the upcoming films, and will possibly officially announce Batman V. Superman as a two part film, with part one hitting theaters later this year. This is very big news. With Dawn of Justice originally being planned for a March 2016 release, the film might actually be coming sooner than we thought? But why?

I believe Snyder and co. filmed so much footage they had the ability to split the film in two and keep it under the same budget as a single film (doubling profit at the box office). This is kind of smart! Let’s say the budget is $100 Million. With a single box office release, the film could make $500 Million or more, if the film meets the Dark Knight trilogy’s box office grossing. Now splitting that film into two, keeping the $100 Million budget (as far as we can tell as of now they did, unles Warner Bros. kept the budget increase deeply under wraps), they can do that twice and end up making twice the profit.

The only problem is, if the first half sucks, the second half would bomb. The good news is, if the first half is a complete success and the second half bombs, this ensures more films can be made, regardless. Either that or they’d accept the fact that they made as much as they did and reboot anyways, which could lead to even better films, or more terrible DC films since Warner Bros. doesn’t know how to make superhero films anyways.

Marvel spent years trying to get the rights back (and still are fighting that battle) when DC should just start selling the rights off to more capable studios, like Fox (haha!) or Sony (haha again!). Disagree? Think DC films are great? Tell us what you think! Do you think DC should be splitting Dawn of Justice into two films? Let us know in the comments!