Bleak And Collisions In Grey And Red [Sorta] In Potsdam

I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the show in Backstreets in Potsdam. Backstreets earned a bad Yelp review tonight, for multiple reasons. Their already crappy reputation (over forty kids were busted for underage drinking recently) got worse. Bleak, from Syracuse, were there to bring the metal to a (small, but) pumped crowd, but were asked to “turn it down.”

Apparently there was a noise complaint. How can you let a band come to play a set at your bar (knowing they’ll probably be using, you know, amps and drums) and tell them they’re too loud? It’s getting harder and harder to find willing venues in the North Country, and this one just got crossed off the list.
Bleak still managed to play a few great songs, and impress me. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen them, but after meeting them and actually talking to them, they’re really a fun group (apparently they recently crashed at a house full of hippie-punks and witnessed a shrine to wrestling, some interesting art, a “dinner bell” of sorts, and a soup made from scrounged up vegetables that were found in the street).

Collisions didn’t even get to go on. Luckily when they were informed they only had ten minutes left of their set (greatly shortening the time) they cranked their amps back up and brought it on full blast. So a good time was had.

After the show was over, the bands loaded up their gear, and we all headed to Little Italy for pizza (and they earned a five star Yelp review, which I gave). There was good times to be had, many jokes, and a good time was had by all. In the end, we still had fun. Rock & roll, baby.


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