Casting Out Demons With Constantine: What’s Coming?

This past week’s episode of Constantine was met with the announcement that the season would end with episode 13, rather than getting an additional 9-13 episodes, like most successful shows. A lot of talk has been swirling around about the possibility of a cancellation, but I think there’s far more to the series’ future than that.

Constantine is one of the darker comic book properties out there (Garth Ennis, the godfather of twisted comics was at one point a writer), and is extremely popular. I think NBC is putting the show on hold to retool it for next season. New timeslot, new day, darker tones, and a bigger cast. With the Spectre and Papa Midnite appearing on the show, and other characters alluded (Zatanna’s backwards writing in the pilot, alongside Doctor Fate’s Helmet and the Ibistick), what could this mean? I have a few theories.

This week’s episode featured the Spectre and Papa Midnite… Alluding to something bigger? Let’s hope so!