Characters Gotham Should NOT Explore (And Some They Should)

There are a lot of characters that keep cropping up on Gotham. Some I enjoy, and others I just don’t want to see yet. The paradox that Batman later faces is a lot like the famous “Chicken or the egg,” conundrum. Who created who? Did the costumed villains create the Batman, or did the Batman force their hand into becoming something greater? Sure, I get it. The villains on Gotham aren’t costumed. But they shouldn’t be displaying their MO’s so long before Bruce even thinks of training. They’re so many years away from Batman’s birth…

Here’s my list for Characters I do not want to see anytime soon on Gotham:


Not pictured: Maxie Zeus. A school teacher turned insane villain who performs crimes inspired¬† by Greek myths. He could be interesting. I’d love to see more low level criminals, and less of Batman’s signature rogues.