Casting Out Demons With Constantine: Cancellation Coming?

The end might be near for one of the most highly talked about TV shows here at Zac and Chucks Untitled Podcast. NBC has confirmed it will not continue production on Constantine after its initial 13 episode order is complete. This is unusual as shows normally get picked back up for an additional 9 episodes after the fall finale (and sometimes as much as 13 more episodes).

NBC has not confirmed whether this means Constantine will be canceled or if production has been delayed. Constantine has enjoyed a steady ratings increase week to week and has just started to hit a good stride, with first appearance of future Spectre Jim Corrigan played by Emmett Scanlan in this past weeks episode.

Photo Credit: IGN

In the golden age of comic book shows on TV is there room for a lesser known hero who practices the dark arts (and speaks in an awesome accent)? I sure hope so. John Constantine has been one of my favorite weekly watches. I hope NBC gets its act together and realizes that Constantine has potential and brings it back for the full season it so deserves.


[According to MY sources, NBC is still, as of now, going to renew Constantine for a second season. This is just a sign that the time slot will be changed to a better night. -Chuck]