Counter-Earth Coming In January!

Marvel News is on fire these days with upcoming events and stories, and following the end of Axis in January, a new lineup of the Uncanny Avengers will emerge! Marvel leaked an image and a few teases as to what this story entails:

• From the ashes of AXIS an all-new, all different Avengers assemble!
• The tragedy at the end of AXIS has left the Uncanny Avengers vulnerable, and someone is taking advantage of it.
• One of the Avengers’ oldest foes returns with a terrible secret that will, all hyperbole aside, shatter the lives of two members of the squad.
• What is Counter-Earth? What terrible secrets does it house?

What does all this mean? Good question. As an experienced nerd, let me break it all down for you: The new team? Here’s the skinny:

Veteran Unity Squad members Rogue and the Scarlet Witch appear to lead the team in Havok’s absence (Death? Retirement? Turn to villainy? Who knows?) New members include Scarlet Witch’s brother, Quicksilver (Don’t forget, on the show we mentioned how Marvel teased a Marvel event, “No More Mutants” starring the pair), and her estranged husband, the Vision (Upcoming star of Avengers: Age of Ultron, to be portrayed by Paul Bettany), former Sorcerer Supreme Brother Vodoo, the former Falcon and new Captain America, Sam Wilson, and Sabretooth (Who’s “Axis” was inverted during the battle with the Red Skull, so he’s a hero now), who appears to replace the now dead Wolverine (Yeah, Wolverine is kinda perma-dead for the time being).

Someone taking advantage of the weakened Avengers? Magneto? Baron Zemo? Who knows, but it sounds like it will be fun!

An old foe to shatter the lives of two of the Avengers? Could this be the “No More Mutants” thing that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are to be a part of?

What is Counter-Earth? Counter-Earth could be anything, but since earlier this year Marvel teased yet ANOTHER event where “two worlds collide” and (possibly) could lead up to a complete reboot and renumbering of the whole Marvel line (and that event may tie in with the Secret Wars event that I’ve been so adamant about ranting about), it’s safe to say that this Counter-Earth story could be one of the biggest events in the last decade! Stay tuned!