Cute Without The ‘E,’ (Cut From The List) [Season 6 Episode 14]

This week’s episode of Zac and Chuck’s Untitled Podcast had several news stories that we just had to cut, for time, and they still needed to be shared. Here’s a rundown of what got cut:

1. Kingdom Hearts 3 News. Kingdom Hearts 3 has been long sought after by gamers the world over, and it’s about time we finally got some news on it. It’s been almost 10 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, and we’ve gotten a long list of inbetwequals (a term I just coined) and remakes and reduxes that just keep fans begging for the third full chapter. Having played Dream Drop Distance for 3DS, I know that this story is lacking a solid ending, and can’t wait to see where it might go. One question has been plaguing fans minds: Can Disney/Square Enix now use Star Wars and Marvel properties now that they are owned by Disney? The answer is apparently yes! The idea is being tossed around by the company, and now that it’s been officially announced that they’re considering it– there’s no way they can’t! They really cannot tease fans with the possibility of crossing over properties (imagine the Avengers and maybe the Guardians of the Galaxy teaming up with Sora, Luke Skywalker, and others?) The idea is amazing! And now with Marvel joining Disney Infinity, the possibilities are endless! Disney Infinity is officially releasing Star Wars next year, so there’s plenty more crossover possibilities! This is probably the biggest news of my year and I didn’t even find out about it until we left the studio. Ugh. Just imagine, though: A Lightsaber Keyblade and something Marvel themed. The Infinity Gauntlet? Mjolnir? Something?

^^It says it RIGHT THERE.

2.  Pizza Hut wants to read our minds. Pizza Hut is currently testing a “subconscious menu,” that builds a pizza based on your retina movement and noting what you looked at. So far, testing results show that the program figures out what you want correctly 98% of the time. That number is staggering. The goal is to reinvent the dining experience, and I actually agree that this might work. If the technology is right 98% of the time, my guess is the retina scans picks up on what you’re looking at more, not necessarily picking what you were thinking, but more likely picks something and your mind agrees with it, because it’s something you looked at with some interest. Basically, if you roll up to a McDonald’s drive-thru not knowing what you want, and someone says, “Just get a McDouble with Bacon, you’ll like it…” You might just agree, and not regret it. I’ll have to wait to try out the technology and see if I’m right.

3. The recent death of Andre Coelho. Recent addition to the DC comics staff, Andre Coelho, died at the young age of 35. He had recently worked on a few DC books, the Suicide Squad one-shots for Amanda Waller and Future’s End. Coelho had only had the pleasure of two of his last pages inked, but was excited at what he saw. He was talented, and had a lot to look forward to. He had also done some work for Marvel, on X-Men and Ms. Marvel. You can see his work here, here, and here.