“Dr. Cool Science,” Causes Stir On Twitter

That’s one bad mamma jamma… There was quite a stir this past week, when a British scienteist with the European Space Agency team (The group responsible for the Rosetta mission), Dr. Matt Taylor, a project scientist, whose fashion sense didn’t sit well with conservative types.

He was seen wearing a colorful shirt designed by his tattoo artist’s wife, and shorts, showing off his tattoos. Dr. Taylor sports two full sleeves, and his legs are full as well (one of his legs has a tattoo of Philae landing on the comet.

Matt Taylor was praised for being a “proper cool scientist,” and “definitely not boring,” after he appeared wearing the said colorful shirt and shorts, showing off his “sweet tats.”

He was described to be “Causing thousands of people to choke on their cornflakes this morning.”

What a rad guy! More tattoos need to be made acceptable in professional settings.