Flash Facts: Flash Vs. Arrow– Featuring the Rainbow Raider? [Episode Recap, Theories, and SPOILERS]

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Flash Fact: Classic Flash Villain Rainbow Raider is a guy named Roy G. Bivolo. He was a colorblind artist, who was famous as a child, but as he grew up was rejected for his ineptitude with colors. He used his father’s creation, goggles that “emitted solid beams of rainbow light” and used them to become a criminal.

The Rainbow Raider!

This is just too lame for television.

The episode opens with a criminal robbing a bank– by looking people in the eye (unlike his comic counterpart’s ability to project solid rainbow light, this guy can control emotion. The emotional “spectrum” if you will. Maybe this could be brought up again later after a certain fighter pilot picks up a certain ring?). These people turn on each other and begin to riot. By the time the Flash gets there, the thief escapes with the cash, and the rioters begin to calm down.

Eddie is starting to take notice of the Flash’s influence at crime scenes– to which Captain Singh, revealing for the first time on television that he’s gay, quips about his boyfriend insisting they eat healthy, so he eats burgers at work. The line felt forced, and didn’t fit with the conversation. It was used to deflect what Thawne was saying, but didn’t feel like it made sense. Like they were trying to point out the characters homosexuality (as he is also gay in the comics), but didn’t have a relevant way to do it. It kind of fell flat. It doesn’t matter whether or not he’s gay, so why make it matter(is this because the episode features the Rainbow Raider? I hope not. That could be perceived as offensive)? Just let him be who he is. It’s as if the writers are trying to use the line to garner some attention, although I’m hoping to see his boyfriend, ex-vigilante Pied Piper. On top of that, instead of just believing, like Iris, that the Flash is a hero, Thawne (who may or may not be Eobard Thawne from the future, coming back to mess with Barry, Reverse Flash style), tries to convince the Captain that The Flash is a menace, J. Jonah Jameson style. The plot thickens… I like it. Things are getting complicated.

I also like how Cisco throws out a Star Wars reference, regardless of Star Wars being owned by the same company that owns the competition (Disney owns both Marvel and the rights to Star Wars). Interesting choice of words. At least it shows that the CW and Warner Bros. show no ill will towards the competition and it’s “family.”

They start to figure out Chroma’s abilities, and the Flash is called away by Iris to meet, and Caitlin advises him against getting involved, thus breaking up Iris’s relationship. He disobeys, and hella flirts with Iris. He’s immediately called to the pending arrest of the bank robber, and when things get hairy, The Arrow steps in to save the day.

After the Flash meets up with Digg and Felicity, Digg’s reaction to Barry’s powers is… Hilarious. Barry decides on a team-up, and Ollie declines. Felicity volunteers anyways, and the story is set in motion. The Flash is after his own bad guy, and the Arrow is after Captain Boomerang. Barry whisks Felicity away, which leads to her shirt catching on fire. Cisco’s lack of tact with women is apparent, when Felicity tears her shirt off (also remarking about her decision not to go bra-less), and Cisco and Caitlin walk in. A moment that Cisco will “never forget.”

Flash Fact: Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow both become metahumans in the comics, Cisco becoming Superhero Vibe, and Caitlin becoming Killer Frost, a villain (who mourns the death of Ronnie Raymond for much different reasons.) Not sure if I mentioned this in earlier articles.

Cisco and Caitlin

Cisco easily becomes one of the best characters on the show. After running tests on the Boomerang Felicity carries (he also notes it seems to vibrate), it somehow attacks them, and Cisco immediately claims, “That’s my bad, that’s on me!” Typical comic relief Cisco.

The Arrow and the Flash team up, cue typical Veteran hero training the Rookie, Barry gets shot with arrows. In the back. Now what bothers me about this, is Barry goes about his day, even though his clothes must have blood stains and holes from where the ARROWS PENETRATED HIS CLOTHES. He wore the same jacket into the police station, and no one noticed any holes in the back?!

Caitlin and Felicity figure out the eyesight/emotional effects connection to colors, with red (the color in Chroma’s eyes) being the color that affects anger (Like the Red Lanterns’ Rage?). The Flash goes after Bivolo alone, and get’s “whammied” as he calls it, and picks up some anger issues. This is evident with his anger towards Caitlin and the others. He also takes out a little anger on Oliver, and accuses him of being jealous of Barry and his speed. Barry continues this little rage-fest by blowing up at Captain Singh, at Joe, and just about everyone else. He goes Spider-Man 3 emo on everyone, acting above everyone, and thinking everyone’s jealous, or constantly on his back… The emotions are running high. This is the most emotion I’ve seen out of Grant Gustin all season (and that’s saying something! He’s a pretty decent actor).

Harrison Wells shows off his diabolical genius side by announcing (in front of Joe, Cisco, and Caitlin) to Felicity that she better call Oliver Queen– they need the Arrow’s help. Oohh! Wells! You figured out the secret, and he certainly looked as pleased as punch when he saw her reaction face!

All this excitement comes to a head when the Flash pulls Thawne through a car window and confronts him about his wanting to start a task force against the Flash. Oliver shows up, and the fight… Is on. Oliver with his experience, Barry with his powers. Who could win? It’s a tough call, for sure. It ends in  a tie.

Then the writing gets a little lazy. Instead of showing how they rounded up Chroma, they just cut straight to locking him up in STAR Labs. They also say their good-byes, and Ollie has a bad feeling about Harrison Wells… Don’t we all? *Cough* REVERSE FLASH! *Cough*

Oh, I’ve also noticed that Ollie is starting to grow more of a goatee than just stubble… Could be working towards something…

I hope so!

I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on tonight’s episode of Arrow! (And I’ll be starting my weekly as of yet untitled Arrow recaps.)

End of episode’s explosive bombshells:You find out Oliver might have a child (he runs into a girl he may or may not have gotten pregnant and his mom paid off to leave town), which to comic fans would be Connor Hawke, son of Oliver Queen, and heir to the Green Arrow throne (which at one point he did take over the role of).
We also get to see our first glimpse of Ronnie Raymond, who, my guess is, will be involved in the mid-season finale as Firestorm (he burst into flames).