Flash Facts: Weekly Flash Updates And Theories [Spoilers]

Flash Fact: The Flash is one of the best new TV shows of the 2014 fall season. I’ve been watching every week, but haven’t been talking about it to anyone, so it’s been boiling around under my skin: So many questions, so many theories as to who is who and what’s coming… This week Girder was the villain. Kind of a boring villain, and played out, but the Flash fleshed him out a little by making him Barry Allen’s bully during their school days. A man that turns into metal is usually not the most impressive character, but they made him unstoppable, pointing out that, while Barry can run fast, he doesn’t have super strength or anything else to compliment his powers. It took a scientific answer to take down this baddie (like usual) and this one required Barry to move faster than the speed of sound to take him down.

The resulting CGI was a little rough on the eyes, but overall worked well. Barry solved the case and saved the day.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. Joe has been looking into Nora Allen’s murder, and he approached Harrison Wells on the matter. Wells deflected, and was made to look pretty sketchy. He had a reason for his deflection but the following fan theories explain why Harrison Wells may or may not be a bad dude:

1. Harrison Wells is an evil Barry Allen from the future: He chased Reverse Flash back to the night of his mother’s death, and after failing to stop him, knew the only way to save er was to ensure that he got his powers (time travel paradox) by opening STAR Labs and waiting fourteen years for Barry Allen to become the Flash to travel back and stop the murder…. Doing whatever it takes to make sure he does, including killing people to protect young Barry. [I personally don’t believe this one] [Supporting evidence: Barry Allen has stated his favorite author is HG Wells]

2. Harrison Wells is Eobard Thawne, the great-great-great (however many greats) grandson of Eddie Thawne. He travelled back in time, killed Barry’s mother and stuck around to ensure that the Flash would be created. Without the Flash, Thawne can’t tap into the speed force, without Thawne the Flash can’t be created… Time Travel paradox. Still makes more sense than the first one, though. [I’m banking on this one.] [Evidence– Would still know Barry’s favorite author is HG Wells, the comics Eobard Thawne knows Flash’s history, and would know that fact. Opened his lab one month after Nora Allen’s death. Is a shady dude. Has knowledge of the future.]

3. Eddie Thawne is Eobard Thawne and travelled back to kill Nora Allen, travelled to the modern day to witness Barry’s life, to create the evidence left behind for himself to find in the future to give himself his speed powers. Dating Barry’s future wife as an additional “screw you” moment, when the reveal is made. [Also more likely than the first.] [Evidence? Thawne is the last name of the Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom. That’s all I have so far.]

Any more ideas? Let us know!