Google Glass and Oculus Rift: Looking Ahead

Since the release of Google Glass, the pretentious of the world had something in common: A stupid looking set of glasses that communicates with the internet with “Simple language voice commands.” It seemed like a cool idea on paper, a smart phone-like hands-free device, but in practice, it would be a distraction, like gluing your phone to your face. Often criticized for its etiquette of being used in public, or it’s safety in certain scenarios, the Google Glass didn’t really take off the way Google had anticipated. With Facebook available on Glass, the future of the device began looking bright, until recently Twitter defected from Glass availability. Google Glass’s future is beginning to look bleak.

Recently that became even more apparent when the price dropped a significant amount. It’s selling on eBay for literally half the price of what it originally retails from Google. Even die hard Glass wearers are abandoning the technology. Google has even gone so far as to push back the mass release to the open market. With Google Glass going down in flames, will this effect Faceook’s Oculus Rift’s success? With Game Developers, Programmers, and Third Party Hardware Developers lining up to be a part of Oculus Rift’s possibly bright future, let’s hope Google’s failure doesn’t effect its success.

After Nintendo’s Virtual Reality failure in 1995 (Virtual Boy was released in July of 1995, and discontinued in Japan in December of 1995, and North America in March of 1996, it didn’t even last a year) is it time for another shot with Oculus Rift? With games like Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2, Half Life Source, Half Life 2, and RuneScape on the list of games available for the Rift, who knows how that will turn out? We’ll have to wait and see what happens!