Is DC going to revert to Pre-New 52 Continuity? Or Do They Plan To Reboot The Reboot? [Superman: Doomed Spoilers]

The final page of Superman: Doomed contained some interesting panels… Mainly shards of Pre-New 52 continuity. Literally. The image shows several specific alternate universes, all of which are tied to the Pre-New 52 universe of “New Earth” the result of the LAST reboot DC did back in 1985’s Crisis On Infinite Earths.  Confused yet?

I’ll break it down. In 1985, Marv Wolfman and George Perez produced one of the most important crossover events of the 1980s. For decades DC had introduced alternate Earth after alternate Earth, and so many heroes and villains that never seemed to age, regardless of how old the characters were, and how long they had been around. To address this, DC allowed the team to pen an event that wouldn’t “destroy” the universe, but fold bits and pieces of it together, and eliminate some things that were outdated. The DCU was around fifty years old at the time, and needed a great deal of cleaning up. This was when Barry Allen’s Flash died, and made way for Wally West.

In 2010 DC did the same thing with Flashpoint, a crossover event that would bring the DCU to a close, ending “New Earth” and creating a new New Earth. (Confused? There’s a resource here that breaks down all the Earths.)

It seems that DC is either rebooting yet again, or reverting to Pre-New 52 continuity. I don’t know. It’s hard to say. Could the New 52 just be another multiverse of it’s own, with prior continuity being a seperate universe? (Instead of 52 Earths,  maybe there’s also 52 Universes? That’s a thought…) Or maybe they’ll destroy it all and start over again? Who knows. We’ll have to wait to see!