It’s Official! Marvel Casting News

Krysten Ritter as Marvel Studios/Netflix Orignal Jessica Jones:

It’s hard to say where they’ll take this character, considering her diverse career. She gained powers from a car accident that doused her in chemical materials, which may be similar materials that created Daredevil and Luke Cage (I can see a plot thread forming).  At one point, Jones was a superhero going by the name Jewel, and after many failed attempts at being a hero, she left the life behind and was captured by the Purple Man. She was then sent out to kill Daredevil, and failed. She then declined working for SHIELD as the Avenger’s liaison, and instead tried being a hero again under the name Knightress. She’s mainly known for her times investigating superpowered phenomena, and at one point worked for the Daily Bugle as an investigative journalist. She currently has a child with Luke Cage, and the two are a part of the Mighty Avengers team.

Jessica Jones will come out of the Daredevil series, with Luke Cage (and subsequently Iron Fist) spinning out of Jessica Jones, it’s not hard to see where they’ll connect. On another note, it’s also been stated that the Netflix series’ will in fact be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the characters are open to appear in Avengers 3.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Marvel Studios Doctor Strange – This comes as no surprise. The rumor began over a month ago, and the actor himself had a hard time denying it (in an IGN interview, Cumberbatch played along, and alluded to the possibility). The only mystery left is to find out who will the villain be, and what will the story be about? We’ll keep you updated.


Ryan Reynolds as Fox’s Deadpool: Another no brainer, the last pitch for the film featured Reynolds’ voice, and he’s been pushing for this film to be made for what feels like decades. He was born to play this role! And it appears to be… Chimichanga time.

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Reynolds tweeted this pic with the caption and the words: “Uh… It’s Chimichanga time.”

So what’s next?