January Brings Big Changes For DC

January is a big month for comics. Marvel is changing the Avengers by bringing new members onboard, including Sabretooth, but DC trumps it all with a slew of new changes.

Secret Six, penned by Podcast favorite Gail Simone, will be introducing Catman to the New 52 universe, and he looks completely different… Kind of like a slimmer Beast from New X-Men. (This launches in December, but it counts enough here.)

Batman gets 2 (count em, two!) new partners. In Batman Eternal, Harper finally makes her full fledged appearance as Bluebird, and her costume is deliciously Nightwing-esque. Damian rises from the dead, apparently with some Super Powers to boast! The cover shows Damian ripping open his shirt in a Superman-esque way, and deflecting bullets. We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out!

Grant Morrison will be releasing his “Multiversity Guidebook,” which will be a guide to the alternate universes of the New 52. It’ll set the rules, the differences, the similarities, and show everything you want to know about the DC Universes!

Superman will also being receiving some changes, but to his power set, his costume, and he’ll receive new friends and enemies!

So much to look forward to, and so little time!