Marvel Cinematic Fancast

Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! And in the weeks since that announcement, a lot of buzz has been swirling about who may or may not be signing up for the role. Will Andrew Garfield reprise his role? Will it be someone new? We’ll have to wait and see! With that in mind, it’s fun to speculate on who may or may not interested in what roles, and who would be perfect for what. This list is the Zac and Chuck’s Untitled Podcast look ahead at who may be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, why, and how they may tie in.

1. MODOK – Rainn Wilson is perfect for the role as the tortured scientist trapped in the body of the Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing.
He’d fit well in a future Captain America film, either with Steve Rogers or Bucky. After the death of Aldrich Killian, AIM falls into the hands of someone much worse, and their only goal is to kill Captain America. They enlist the aid of a scientist who would undergo a process turning them into a machine designed solely to kill. If all else fails, just throw him in a Netflix series as a throwaway villain or something.

MODOK is the Assistant to the Regional Manager of AIM.

2. Wonder Man – With Civil War coming up (and lacking a serious amount of characters), and Avengers 3 supposedly featuring an all new Avengers team, why not bring Wonder Man aboard? Women swoon for Matt Bomer, and with him in the role, a lot of women would be more interested in seeing the Avengers. (Hell, it’s the guy from Magic Mike. Just throw a scene or two of him in his underwear and it’s fine.

There’s just too much handsome in this picture.

3. Punisher – If Marvel’s current slew of Netflix Series coming over the next couple years are a huge success, we might get to see a phase 2. What better characters could be picked then the ones who can’t really carry their own film? Punisher and Ghost Rider have both failed to be successes at the box office, and rebooting again is just too big of a risk. So why not do a Netflix series for each one, and push the limits of the rating? Marvel will never do an R-Rated film, but why not a more adult oriented TV show? Karl Urban is the best choice for Frank Castle that I can think of, and his own cult following would bring viewers! Just throw in well known villains, like the Russian, Hammerhead, Jigsaw, and cameos by Daredevil, Spider-Man, and the Kingpin!

It’s all in the eyes.


4. Ghost Rider – Who would be better for the badass Spirit of Vengeance than Dean Winchester himself? Jensen Ackles has gained a cult following, due to his roles in both Supernatural and Batman: Under The Hood. He’s certainly got the chops for the part, and would definitely bring in more women viewers (ladies, you know you just watch Supernatural just to ogle this poor man!) You could even keep Dean’s car if you wanted to go with the newer Ghost Rider (I personally wouldn’t, I’d go with the bike!)

Ghost Rider is essentially Dean with a bike instead of a car. Word.

5. Venom/Agent Venom – Starring Aaron Paul as Agent Venom/Flash Thompson and Dominic Purcell as Venom/Eddie Brock. If this were a Netflix series I’d spend the first episode on Eddie Brock, the second on his becoming Venom, and the third on his time as the villain. The second arc would be a flashback to Flash Thompson in High School, his graduation, and his enrollment in the military. The second episode would see him waking up from a coma with no legs, and the military’s offer to make him whole again. The third episode in that arc would show him fighting crime and working for SHIELD (Coulson and others from Agents of SHIELD could cameo). The final four episodes in the ten part series would show Venom and Agent Venom meeting, and Venom revealing that the symbiote that’s linked to Flash is just a small portion of his, and he could take it back if he wanted. He obviously would, and Flash’s strong will calls the suit back to him.
That’s what I would do. Disney, you can email me at if you want to know where to send the check.

The Breaking Bad star would be an excellent choice to break faces!


Is there anyone else you’d like to see? Comment your requests and I’ll be sure to “cast” as many as I can!