Marvel News Roundup

Vin Diesel just posted this on his official Facebook; does this mean that he will be playing Blackagar Boltagon (AKA Black Bolt?) Will he be another Inhuman? Or does this mean nothing? For those that don’t know, Black Bolt of the Inhumans doesn’t speak. His voice is his superpower, and one whisper could blow a hole through a mountain. So if Vin Diesel does in fact end up as Black Bolt, then what does that mean? That means that Vin Diesel not only gets to get only five words in Guardians of the Galaxy (I am Groot, We are Groot), with variations, he also gets to play a silent character who may only end up with one or two total words in the film. Two roles, minimal words (although he did do his lines for Groot in many different languages). I think Vin Diesel is the perfect choice for Black Bolt.


Charlie Cox as Daredevil in next years Netflix series. What do you think of the costume? Personally I hope it’s not permanent.


Mike Colter cast as Luke Cage for both AKA Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, both series’ coming to Netflix after Daredevil hits next year.


Also: AXIS wrapped up last week, and it was spectacular! Several heroes and villains remained inverted (Sabretooth joins the Uncanny Avengers, Havok still on the lam with The Wasp as his hostage, the Marvel U has a lot of explaining to do as this event eventually ties in to the current Time Runs Out event. How does everyone get reverted? Do they? What will happen? I’ll keep you guys posted!