Marvel/Netflix Plot Predictions:

How will Daredevil tie into Jessica Jones and Luke Cage? Here’s how I think they should all tie together:

1. The chemical spill:

It wouldn’t be hard to make the same chemical spill that gives Daredevil his powers be the same chemical that gives Jessica Jones and Luke Cage their powers. Their bodies responded differently to it, etc. It would make a lot of sense, but it would be hard to tie in Iron Fist the same way. Danny Rand doesn’t get his powers from a chemical. That would be the series to change the tone of the overall story, leading to The Defenders and taking the team in a new direction leading up to Avengers 3, which I believe at least Luke Cage will be a part of.
2. Jessica Jones could have a prior relationship to Matt Murdock: of course Spider-Man can’t be used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe– But Daredevil can. And is. He’s going to be the first series, and Jessica Jones could have had a crush on him in high school, instead of Peter Parker. This could lead to some awkward (yet fun) moments between Matt, Jessica, and Luke Cage later on, so I’d like to see this make an appearance (and for those of you that don’t read comic books, yes that’s Wolverine in the background. His other super power is the “ability to be in every single Marvel comic every single month as long as he’s not currently dead.”)
3. The Kingpin:

Wilson Fisk is going to be the main villain in Daredevil. As usual! He was the villain back in the 2003 film, portrayed by Michael Clarke Duncan, and this time will be portrayed by former Law & Order: Criminal Intent star Vincent D’onofrio. The story could show Daredevil taking him down, his operation continuing from prison, Jessica Jones investigating his operation (she was a private detective and an investigative journalist when she wasn’t fighting crime as Jewel or Knightress), etc. There are a few ways the Kingpin could tie everything together, but then it lowers the scale of the show to one single crime boss, making The Defenders seem a lot less lower of a scale. I hope to see more villains.
4. The Purple Man:
The Purple Man is a villain with the ability to control minds. In the Jessica Jones series ALIAS, the Purple Man kept Jessica Jones captive for eight months, and sent her to kill Daredevil. This could tie the two together, and with Jessica Jones dating and eventually marrying Luke Cage, the two could already be dating at the start of her series, spinning into Luke Cage when her arc is finished.
5. No connection:
They could just leave the four series’ loosely connected until The Defenders series, and use that series as an explanation as to how the team met and came together. They could even use the New Avengers #1 story where Daredevil, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, and others, were all on The Raft, the prison for Super Villains, when Electro broke everyone out and the heroes quickly came together to put a stop to it. That could be interesting.Replace Spider-Man with Iron Fist, and Spider Woman with Jessica Jones, and you have a team! I’d watch the crap out of that.