Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Spinoff

With Flash spinning out of Arrow, and an upcoming spin-off coming out of the Arrow-verse (starring The Atom), and Marvel’s Daredevil leading into AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and others, it was only a matter of time before Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD got it’s own spin-off. This time it’s apparently going to star Adrienne Palicki’s Bobbi Morse and possibly the rest of the “Real SHIELD.” bobbi morse

Here are a few possible plots I’d like to see explored.

1. Guest appearance by Jeremy Renner/Past romance with Hawkeye: What better way to bring out some jealousy (and witty banter) from Lance Hunter than to surprise him with a reappearance by her ex-boyfriend/current Avenger, Hawkeye. It’d be a great way to bring out some relationship struggles (Even more so than now, with the two being on different sides of a SHIELD Civil War).


2. When the rights to the Skrulls revert back to Marvel, it would be interesting territory to do a full blown Secret Invasion film/mini-series (Netflix?) leading into several characters on the Marvel shows having been Skrulls for an undisclosed amount of time, with the fallout lasting for months, even years. Secret Invasion could lead into Young Avengers (Hulkling), and could tie a lot of properties together. There’s definitely a need to get the Skrulls onscreen, and if they can’t, perhaps they can bring back the Chitauri (the comics sometimes cousin of the Skrull).


3. In the comics Mockingbird sustained a mortal injury, and Nick Fury injected her with a cocktail of serums that gave her strength (Super Soldier Serum), and slowed aging (The Infinity Formula), which is essentially the same process that Coulson went under. I’d like to see this storyline explored in some capacity, giving her the same superhuman abilities that she so fervently hunts in others. It’d be great giving her a secret from the team that would eventually be what brings the “real SHIELD” to understand Coulson’s interest in Superhumans. She could eventually fight alongside the Avengers.

bobbi morse 2

4. AIM, The Ten Rings, The Hand, Alpha Flight, Zodiac, etc. Hydra has had its time as the enemy of SHIELD, and there are so many more evil organizations that should get their time. AIM isn’t necessarily “dead,” and with ownership in the comics changing hands more than Tony Stark changes suits, it only makes sense that they would make their way back, along with the Ten Rings terror organization, The Hand (NINJAS!) and other evil organizations. But evil isn’t the only thing that SHIELD would be exploring… If Marvel gets any of the rights back that Fox holds, one thing I’d like to see is a Canadian led rival to SHIELD/The Avengers: Alpha Flight. Perhaps SHIELD/The “Real SHIELD,” would need to infiltrate the team/organization and see what they’re up to.

5. Film tie-ins: With two SHIELD organizations (maybe they’ll integrate, but until they do, it’s safe to say there’ll be two SHIELD shows, and each of them will have their own unique teams dealing with their own unique threats. Perhaps Coulson’s SHIELD can continue to gather Avengers level allies, while the other SHIELD deals with other threats; either way, it’d be interesting to see where the films affect the shows, and whether the Netflix shows even tie in at all. With so many things going on in the MCU, it’d only make sense to tie events together.


What other stories do you think the spin-off should touch on? Which SHIELD characters do you think/hope will appear? Let us know in the comments! We’ll be sure to keep you updated in the coming months.