Marvel/Sony Deal Possibly In The Works

The rumors have been flying about the possibility of the Marvel/Sony deal over using Spider-Man in future Marvel films. Recently, with Sony’s recent trouble with some hackers, a bit of proof of the deal has been leaks.

Marvel has recently been in talks with using Spider-Man in 2016’s Captain Americs: Civil War.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Sony is really trying to push the Spider-Man franchise in as many directions as possible, including a Spider-Man related spin-off produced by the team behind “The LEGO Movie.” Emails from the inbox of Sony Pictures Co-Chairman Amy Pascal also revealed a confirmation for the previously announced female-led “Amazing Spider-Man” spinoff.

According to the newspaper, the emails c0vered expansive conversations over the possibility of the cross-over with Marvel that went as high as Sony CEO Kaz Hirai and Disney CEO Bob Iger. In an email from October to Pascal, Sony Pictures President Doug Belgrad even tossed the idea around of Marvel producing a new Spider-Man trilogy, with Sony retaining “creative control, marketing and distribution.”

Eventually the talks broke down, and Sony had some emails mentioning an upcoming in-house “Spider-Man Summit,” to discuss the future of the franchise (Perhaps a deal is struck, or Marvel is buying back the rights, or they’ve come to a conclusion or… It could be anything).

The future of Sony’s Spider-Man franchise is so unsure of itself right now, with release dates constantly changing, and films going on and off the slate erratically. Here’s hoping we get to see Spider-Man back at Marvel sooner than later.