Movie Trailer Mondays Jurassic World Teaser

The time has come for Zac to start up one of his reoccurring website articles, which he will then fail to keep up with. Movie Trailer Mondays is a segment in which Zac posts the latest movie trailers and than gives his own creative and often useless opinion. [Then I, your editor Chuck, will then throw in my two cents here and there.]

This weeks we take a look at the teaser for Jurassic World. YES I know this isn’t a full trailer but hell it has a shot of Dinosaurs, Chris Pratt looking really serious, and a shot Bryce Howard, and lets face it she looks super good in this trailer. I am personally a huge fan of the Jurassic Park franchise. I really dig the look the look and the tone of this teaser. The dinosaurs shots look solid and I can’t wait to see more. [And to be honest, I’m annoyed at seeing a trailer for a trailer. What a silly concept. -Chuck]

If you haven’t seen the teaser give it a watch and leave a comment with your own thoughts. You can also check back next week after the full length trailer drops when I may or may not be posting it. [Chuck will probably be the one posting it. -Chuck]