Movie Trailer Mondays The Last Five Years

Welcome back to Movie Trailer Mondays! This week we are looking at the full length trailer for The Last Five Years. The film is a musical with both Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan lending their pipes to the film. Now normally a musical wouldn’t pique my interest but its the plot of the film that makes the idea of sitting through two hours of people singing worth it. The film is about a struggling actress who falls in love with a writer, and chronicles the struggles of their relationship. The unique aspect is this: The Last Five Years is told in reverse chronological order. Any time you add an element of time manipulation I am instantly on board. The trailer had just the right mixture of singing and romantic dialogue to win over the female audience, who The Last Five Years is trying to appeal too. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you are secretly hoping your significant other drags you to this movie.