Marvel News Roundup

Marvel News Roundup

Vin Diesel just posted this on his official Facebook; does this mean that he will be playing Blackagar Boltagon (AKA Black Bolt?) Will he be another Inhuman? Or does this mean nothing? For those that don’t know, Black Bolt of the Inhumans doesn’t speak. His voice is his superpower, and one whisper could blow a hole through a mountain. So if Vin Diesel does in fact end up as Black Bolt, then what does that mean? That means that Vin Diesel not only gets to get only five words in Guardians of the Galaxy (I am Groot, We are Groot), with variations, he also gets to play a silent character who may only end up with one or two total words in the film. Two roles, minimal words (although he did do his lines for Groot in many different languages). I think Vin Diesel is the perfect choice for Black Bolt.


Charlie Cox as Daredevil in next years Netflix series. What do you think of the costume? Personally I hope it’s not permanent.


Mike Colter cast as Luke Cage for both AKA Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, both series’ coming to Netflix after Daredevil hits next year.


Also: AXIS wrapped up last week, and it was spectacular! Several heroes and villains remained inverted (Sabretooth joins the Uncanny Avengers, Havok still on the lam with The Wasp as his hostage, the Marvel U has a lot of explaining to do as this event eventually ties in to the current Time Runs Out event. How does everyone get reverted? Do they? What will happen? I’ll keep you guys posted!

Last Night’s Flash Advertisement In The Middle Of Arrow (Spoilers?)

Last Night’s Flash Advertisement In The Middle Of Arrow (Spoilers?)


Does this mean we could see The Yellow Blur (Reverse Flash) on Arrow? Or will there be another crossver? And with Atom, Firestorm, and now possibly even OMAC joining the CW Universe, does this mean there are bigger team-ups on the way? (And if you hadn’t caught previous mentions of OMAC, last night the ATOM suit’s original designation was OMAC by Queen Consolidated.) More DC nods like this could lead to one big universe. I could get behind that! I wouldn’t even mind seeing shared villains (like Boomerang). Bring the Rogues to Arrow and Deathstroke and the Suicide Squad to the Flash!

Accounts of the Emerald Archer: Arrow Mid-Season Finale Recap [Obvious Spoilery Things Happening Here]

Accounts of the Emerald Archer: Arrow Mid-Season Finale Recap [Obvious Spoilery Things Happening Here]

Before I recap this week’s mid-season finale of Arrow, I just want to go on record saying that I am not convinced Matt Nable is good casting for Ra’s Al Ghul. Since I’m not caught up on Arrow, this episode will be tough to watch, but for you guys I’m doing it anyways. This is the episode, for me, where he has to convince me of this choice for his role as Ra’s Al Ghul.

And as always, in typical style, I write my recaps as I’m watching the show. Every thing I write is in the moment, and I won’t change things. You’ll get my initial reactions, and nothing else. At the end I might recap the recap, and point out what I was right or wrong about, but otherwise, this article is a play by play of the episode. The episode follows three different points in time: During Oliver’s five years on the island, the present, and 48 hours in the future, with Oliver making a climb to see Ra’s Al Ghul. I won’t always mention those short clips of the climb, so don’t be annoyed. It’s hard enough going back and forth with the flashbacks (which I won’t always mention either).

Matt Nable will play Ra's al Ghul in Arrow.

The episode begins with Oliver climbing a cliff face, obviously on his way to meet Ra’s Al Ghul. The show jumps back 48 hours to a Christmas Party at the Police Station, with Captain Lance heading outside to pick up a perp dropped off by the Arrow. Holiday Greetings are exchanged, and just as Captain Lance gets in the door, a group of ninjas attack Ollie. NINJAS. Like he’s Batman or Wolverine or something. Ollie, being outnumbered, is soundly defeated, tied up, and then punched in the face by, what looks like, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. and brought to Nyssa Al Ghul.

Now, obviously this is a different style of Ra’s Al Ghul than we’ve ever seen. Nyssa tells Oliver that her father wants Sara’s killer brought to justice, and Oliver’s protecting the city is getting in the way. Sure, Ra’s would find his protection of the city a little distracting, pointless even, but he’d never focus so much on one murder. The world is filled with Chaos, and Ra’s only has one goal in life. To bring balance to the world. Why would he be so caught up in one murder? Perhaps I’m missing something by being so far behind, or perhaps the CW really doesn’t have a firm grasp on this character.

Regardless, Matt Nable is not the actor I would have chosen.

Arrow’s “League of Assassins” is aimed at murderous justice, instead of balance. They would rather kill 50 innocent people a day until justice was served for the murder (which is kind of hypocritical), rather than, you know, help solve it themselves. This is probably why I can’t get into Arrow, I’m too critical of things like this.

Laurel breaks the news of Sara’s death to Thea, who apparently didn’t know anything about it. Thea promises to keep her death a secret. Oliver “can never know,” for whatever reason (he saw the body, he knows).

Cue the awkward scene between Felicity and Ray Palmer, after their recent kiss. Palmer seems like a good guy, an interesting character, and since we know who he is (The Atom!) we know he’s not a bad guy. If anyone has Oliver’s company in good hands, it’s this guy.

Oliver tells the team about his conversation with Nyssa, and the necessity to find Sara’s killer before the League starts killing civilians. Obvious Arrow flashback. Something about a bio-weapon called Omega, which could wipe out an entire city. The next flashback reveals Ollie going after the vial of the weapon, but it’s already gone.

Reverse Flash cameo on the screen in the gang’s hideout, with a news article about the Yellow Blur attacking STAR Labs. Could we see a Reverse Flash cameo on Arrow in the future? Or any more of the Flash’s rogues (Captain Cold, Heatwave, Trickster, etc.)?

The DNA on the arrow that killed Sara was Oliver’s. 12/13 of the DNA markers were a match to Oliver. But if Oliver didn’t do it, who did? Obviously it was Thea. Sara recognized the killer, and Thea is Oliver’s half-sister. Regardless of differing fathers, having the same mother can lead to that much of a DNA match.

Laurel’s mother showed up last minute to see Laurel and Sara, but no one knows Sara’s dead. I have a feeling before the episode is up Laurel will reveal to her parents that Sara was murdered, much like Barry revealing his love for Iris on the Flash.

Roy and Oliver take to the streets to find the proof that Merlyn was in the city the night of Sara’s murder, and they interrogate the pilot that flew him. But I have a feeling it wasn’t “him” that the pilot flew around, but Thea. They get security footage on a thumb drive, and bring it back to Felicity to look at. Oliver sees not only Merlyn exiting the plane, but Thea as well.

Diggle and the team suggest that perhaps Thea was the murderer, and Oliver just isn’t having it. It would be hard to accept your sister as a murderer, so I can see this. There is enough evidence to support Thea as the killer, which either means she did it, or Merlyn planted evidence to prove she did it, to mess with Oliver.

Felicity and the stalker-ish Ray Palmer talk at Verdant, where he followed her (she was in the “arrowcave”) and confesses why he left after kissing her. It was guilt. Not that he was cheating on someone, but his fiancée was killed during the siege of the city last season. This is probably one of Brandon Routh’s best performances, and I’m actually cheering for this guy. He deserves the girl, and since Ollie can’t have her, maybe Ray can? I hope so. Also, he’s going to be a hero as well, so, Felicity is going to be beating herself up for always kissing/being with the super hero types (Oliver Queen, Ray Palmer, Barry Allen).

Thea lied to Ollie, and now he’s starting to see she might be guilty. I can imagine he’s hoping Merlyn’s behind everything, but there’s a small piece of him that’s worried that Thea might be working for him.

Laurel and her mother are talking, and her mother knows that something’s wrong, and that Sara’s dead. Laurel convinces her to keep the secret from her father, or at least as far as we can tell she does.

Ra’s kills a group of assassins like a boss, right before Nyssa returns. At least Matt Nable isn’t a bad Ra’s Al Ghul. He’s not the best choice possible, but he’s not ruining it for me, at least. Ra’s authorizes Nyssa to return to the city and to be merciless. He wants to prove that his threats aren’t empty.

Oliver shows his blind spot towards his family. Felicity thinks it best not to send Oliver to ask the questions, but the Arrow. When Oliver arrives as the Arrow, Thea attacks him, showing off some pretty darn good skills. Perhaps he can start seeing the truth? And coincidentally, Malcolm Merlyn shows up to Verdant to confront Oliver over the Arrow attacking Thea. Things get tense, and Oliver admits that he may have thought he could never kill again, but he was wrong. He really, really, really wants to kill Merlyn. And then Merlyn shows Oliver irrefutable proof that Thea killed Sara. He’s playing at something here. He then says, “I don’t think you want the League to see that. And if you kill me, they will.” He admits to brainwashing her. Merlyn has given Oliver “incentive” to confess to the murder of Sara Lance. Merlyn’s hoping Oliver will earn a trial by combat, and if Oliver wins, it wipes away the “blood debt,” and if he loses, the Arrow is out of the way, and Thea is allowed to live, under Merlyn’s control. Not a bad plan. Get rid of Ra’s, or get rid of Ollie. It’s win-win for Merlyn.

Back in the present, Oliver confronts Nyssa, hoping to find Ra’s. Ra’s pointed out that Oliver “failed his city,” and Oliver confesses to the murder. Oliver challenges Ra’s to a trial by combat. “You covet death that much?” Was Ra’s Al Ghul’s reply.

Oliver is given a location for the fight, after making a climb to the spot. Oliver obviously has been shown making this climb all episode, and he’s shown reaching the top.

Thea lies to Oliver about what happened to the window. He tries to convince Thea that Merlyn is incapable of love. She is obviously displeased, and Oliver says he’ll do everything he can to protect her, and this is the last thing he says before going after Ra’s.


Is OMAC coming to Arrow?

Felicity confronts Ray about his secrets. She knows he’s keeping a deeper secret than just his ex’s death. He tells her that he cannot tell her his secret, he has to show her. He shows her his A.T.O.M. Exosuit. O.M.A.C. is the “Queen Consolidated designation” for the suit (OMAC? YES!) but he’s more partial to “A.T.O.M.” Advanced Technology Operating Mechanism. Atom. He’s going to use it to protect the city, and he wants Felicity to help. “Why does this keep happening to me?” Was her response. The Arrow, The Flash, The Atom… There seems to be a pattern.

Oliver says his goodbyes, and tells Roy to take care of Thea. He has to try to convince Felicity that he’s coming back. She tells him to kill him, and knowing that’s not who he is anymore, she’s worried he won’t kill him. With everything that Ra’s has done, she wants him dead. He tells her he’ll do “whatever it takes to save my sister.” Even if that means killing Ra’s Al Ghul? One of the most dangerous men on the planet? He then confesses that he loves her, and leaves.

And now, the conclusion.

Ra’s fights Ollie unarmed, with Ollie having two blades. Ollie is getting his butt kicked, and Ra’s is a much better fighter. He took one of Ollie’s blades from him. Ra’s puts his blade through Ollie. Lazarus pit? Will Ollie utilize a Lazarus pit? What can we expect? What’s gonna happen? He just kicked Ollie off the cliff he climbed. And then… Credits. Oh. My. God.

What will happen next? I’m hoping for the Lazarus pit (His friend who works for Ra’s could give him a dip). We know Ollie isn’t dead, but what can this mean? Will Ollie take a dip in the pit and undergo some brainwashing that The Atom will have to save him from? Or Barry? There’s so many directions this can go in.

Wow. I didn’t see that ending coming.

Agents of SHIELD News: Spoilers Ahead

Agents of SHIELD News: Spoilers Ahead

With the loss of Agent Triplett, and the addition of Skye’s powers, a lot has happened this season, leading to some pretty big changes. Throughout the season many characters took backseat roles to the exploration of Skye’s past, Coulson’s carving, and Ward’s dark side, that Agent May has kind of taken a back seat.

With the addition of Blair Underwood (LA Law, The Event, Ironside), as May’s ex-husband, we can expect to see more of her. Underwood has been cast as Dr. Andrew Garner for an unknown number of episodes, so who knows what role he’ll play in the team’s lives. Could he be Hydra? Does the team turn to him for help with Skye’s newfound powers? We’ll have to wait and see.

There are a lot of questions left with this turn of events in Agents of SHIELD; Where does Hydra stand? Will we see more, or will Hydra take a back seat to some newer threats (i.e. Inhuman related characters)? Any one else have questions? Let us know! We’ll talk about them on the show!

Flash Facts: The Man In The Yellow Suit [SPOILERS FOR SURE]

Flash Facts: The Man In The Yellow Suit [SPOILERS FOR SURE]

Here’s my reaction to watching this weeks episode of The Flash: “I JUST CAN’T EVEN.”

I won’t recap the episode, you have to see it to believe it. I will talk about spoilery points of the show, but won’t fully recap. If you need a recap, you can check it here. I will, however, talk about some details of the show, and give my thoughts. Beware of spoilers! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ok, still there? Good. Let’s talk about what we saw last night.

1. Firestorm – Ronnie makes an appearance, after showing up at the end of last week’s episode. As you may know, Ronnie Raymond is Firestorm in the comics, and he utters the word Firestorm in this episode. Typically he was revealed to have been a combination of two people (Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Martin Stein), but with no mention of Stein being present at the particle accelerator “accident,” it’s apparent this version doesn’t use Stein as his mentor (yet). He didn’t really fit into the narrative of the episode, but at least we got to see Firestorm, and we know he’s either going to be a regular on the Flash, or he’ll be spinning off into his own show.

Ronnie Raymond in his full Firestorm glory!

2. Dr. McGee – Dr. McGee was the female lead character on the original Flash series, and Amanda Pays reprises her role for this new series of the Flash, and she’s a rival of Harrison Wells, working at Mercury Labs. Is he going to kill her, too? Reportedly, she won’t be the only character reprising her role from the original series, with Mark Hamill reprising his role as the Trickster later this sesason.

3.  Tachyons – Tachyons are a theoretical particle that can potentially travel at light speed. Also used in Sci Fi as a means of time manipulation/travel. What does Reverse Flash want with the Tachyons? What can he do? What does combining them with his suit accomplish? Is it a time travel loop? Does his giving his suit the tachyons allow him to get the tachyons– a time travel paradox? We’ll have to wait and see where this story goes.

4. Barry’s Love Confession – Barry confessed his love for Iris, and though things might be tough for him right now, we know (if they follow the comics) that they’ll eventually get together. Until then, things will be weird. What an interesting turn of events!

5. Reverse Flash, Thawne, and Wells – We saw Reverse Flash, and he beat the crap out of Barry. But here’s the kicker (and the SPOILER). Cisco and Wells trapped him after luring him with a tachyon particle prototype thingy, and you got to see Wells, Thawne, and Reverse Flash all in the same room. Now here’s the confusion: Thawne and Wells are both huge candidates for Reverse Flash, but with all three in the same room, how can one of them be the Reverse Flash? Well, at the end of the episode, Wells is revealed to be wearing a Flash-ring (like where Barry and Wally keep their costumes in the comics) and he has possession of the Tachyons and the Reverse Flash suit. He also speaks in the Reverse Flash’s voice. How could he have been in two places at the same moment? Is he THAT fast? He couldn’t have been inside and outside that cage at the same time… So what’s he playing at?
Also, when the Reverse Flash took out all the cops and threatened Joe, he looked Thawne in the face. If Reverse Flash is Wells, what’s his fixation with Thawne? I think Thawne’s descendant is Reverse Flash prime, with Wells being another Reverse Flash. In the comics there were two Reverse Flash characters, one being Hunter Zolomon and one being Eobard Thawne. Zolomon got his powers  by tapping into the speed force and gaining the ability to alter time (appearing to move at super speeds). So, there will probably be two Reverse Flash’s, one being Thawne from the future (the one that eyed his ancestor, Eddie), and the other being Wells, the two working together.

Reverse Flash

6. Cisco’s Revelation – Cisco had a revelation after seeing the Flash and Reverse Flash fight. The two men fighting emitted red and yellow electricity, much like what Barry saw the night of his mother’s murder. He deduces that there were two speedsters present. So what does this mean? Barry was there, he just hasn’t been there yet. He’ll chase the Reverse Flash back and one of two things will happen. Either Barry will allow him to kill his mother, knowing that fixing it could ‘break time’ essentially, showing immense growth in the character, and would serve as a huge plot device for Barry’s guilt and internal conflict, OR he could prevent it, and set off a “Flashpoint” esque crisis, with the world being completely changed. Either way is fine with me!


With that, I’d like you guys to tell me what you thought of the episode, and what you think is coming when the season reconvenes!

Weekly SHIELD Debriefing: Mid-Season Finale Recap [Spoilers and I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG]

Weekly SHIELD Debriefing: Mid-Season Finale Recap [Spoilers and I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG]

This week, rather than summarizing the show, I wrote each sentence as it happened. It’s a play by play of the show, with my unaltered predictions and thoughts as it happened. Let’s see how right I’ve been all season about Skye’s Father/Hyde, Skye/Daisy, and who will be around the Obelisk when it goes off. (I’m currently thinking Fitz or Trip, Coulson, Skye, Raina, and maybe Whitehall or Ward.)

May’s still got it: Her flying skills are apparently unmatched, as the team narrowly escapes the incoming missiles of the Hydra Quinjets. The team is gearing up to fend off Hydra coming their way to the Kree city, and with everyone reunited, the team has to plan for the following: Blowing up the city without remote detonators, hoping for the best for Mack, and getting Skye back.

Fitz and Simmons toss around ideas on how Mack may have been infected, not entirely unlike the obelisk killing those who touch it, but instead of a defense, more like an offensive measure, not unlike the “Ophiocordyceps, the fungus that possesses and transforms ants to do their bidding,” as Simmons put it.

Bobbi goes to Mack’s garage to “clean” it, although as we learned in the last episode with the “secret” Mack was in on with Bobbi, she may have ulterior motives. She also claims responsibility for what happened to Mack, and Hunter disagrees, saying the others don’t blame her. The team is divided on what happened to Mack, with some thinking he may be alive, and the majority believing that he’s dead.

Hunter confesses to having trusted Mack more than the others (or as he put it, there are some people he mistrusts less than others) and also makes notice of Bobbi keeping a secret from him, in the form of a thumb drive. “I’m going to assume that whatever’s on it has nothing to do with you and me.”

Ward notes Skye’s level of training, and he also claims to not be loyal to Hydra. He leads her to her father, keeping his promise. Skye and her father have an awkward moment. He admits to his plans to meeting Skye, and how this wasn’t his plan. Skye calls him a monster who leaves a trail of dead behind him everywhere he goes. He’s displaying a personality very similar to Mr. Hyde, which could prove Skye’s real name to be Daisy, an agent of SHIELD codenamed “Quake.”
The scene is emotional, and her father starts telling her about “her destiny.”
Bobbi and Hunter see her contact meeting with Hydra, signalling them by “being early, and wearing a suit.” He tips her off to an address.

Skye’s mother had a gift, and her father wants to “unlock” her gift (Inhuman Terragen Mist gift? Or something new?).
Whitehall is revealed to have murdered her mother and harvested her blood and organs, and Skye’s father is visibly disgusted by her being treated like garbage. Then he begins humming a tune that Skye’s mother used to sing to her, and she recognizes it.  Whitehall summons Skye’s father (he really needs a name, this is getting annoying. This almost proves that when it’s revealed it will be a big deal), and he tells Skye that he’s going to kill Whitehall. He got to meet his daughter, and now he’s going to murder the man that ruined his life, calling it “the best day ever.”

We’re then treated to a delightful scene with one of the Koenigs, who mentions his brother’s “circuits got fried, his cooling system kicked in, and he’s recharging his batteries.” Hilarious “joke” or allusion to his actual existence as an LMD? Coulson then tells Koenig that he and his brother are to return to HQ, and if things go south to activate “Theta Protocol,” which could be anything from notifying Fury to calling in the Avengers… Perhaps later in the season we’ll get some cameos?

Hydra’s using a sweet plasma drill to break into the city below the surface, and Whitehall appears to Ward, Raina, Skye’s father, and Skye. He brings out the diviner, and forces Skye to pick it up, which, she can. She kills a guard with it, and the Ward and her father back her up. Things get tense, and Raina takes the obelisk from her.

Trip and Fitz-Simmons are dropping into the city to set off the bombs and the timers. When Trip gets down there, Mack is nowhere to be seen, and is most likely alive.

Ward is being held by Agent 33, and they have an exchange about having May’s face. “How did you end up with her face?” To which she replies, “Serving Dr. Whitehall.” Ward dryly replies with, “that’s gotta be an interesting story.”

Skye’s father moved to attack Whitehall, after coming to and Whitehall entered. Whitehall put him down with the push of a button, which was apparently due to an device planted on Skye’s Father’s neck. Whitehall tells him that he’s going to experiment on Skye, and he’s going to watch before he kills him. Convenient sound in the distance, the Agents burst in, and Whitehall and his men go to investigate, leaving Ward (restrained), Skye’s Father (I’m going to call him Hyde from here on out, that’s who I think he is), and Skye, also restrained.

He even looks like Hyde (left)

Ward distracts the lone guard while Hyde attacks him, and Ward offers to help Hyde in his quest to kill Whitehall.

In the tunnels below Fitz tells the team to split up to save time, and goes off on his own. Splitting up never ends well.

Hyde sneaks up on Whitehall, and as Whitehall pulls a gun, Coulson shoots him, much to Hyde’s dismay. This leads to a standoff between Hyde and Coulson, with Agent 33 finding Whitehall and crying.

“Join SHIELD, travel to exotic and distant lands, meet exciting unusual people… And kill them.” Best line from Hunter ever.

Hyde attacks Coulson, and the two father figures argue over who can help her. Ward helps Skye escape, and as he turned his back, she grabs the dead guards gun and shoots him several times, leaving him for dead. Skye rescues Coulson from near death, and they have an exchange about the impending change. He calls himself Cal, and calls Skye Daisy, proving what I was saying all along. He is Hyde, she is Quake.


With Whitehall’s death, Hydra loses a head, but gains another. Ward and Agent 33 escape together. Skye/Daisy finds the empty obelisk case, and it’s apparent: Raina went down below. Raina finds Mack, who now is “a part” of the city, and Raina asks him to “take me there,” which he does.

Coulson follows Raina and Skye into the city, and Trip goes after them as well. Raina’s “Guide” comes to a halt, and Raina finds herself at the “end of the line.” A room with a pedestal, and Raina has the Obelisk. Will she set it off with everyone in the city? Skye finds Mack, and is obviously disturbed by it. She heads forward into the room with Raina and the Pedestal, which is about to cause her transformation. The obelisk floats to the pedestal, just as trip stops the last bomb from detonating.

Coulson approaches Mack, and since he’s unworthy Mack attacks. Trip makes it into the room, but Coulson doesn’t. Coulson won’t make the transformation, but Trip will be in there, and will either be transformed or killed. So what will Raina and Skye become? The terragen mists emerge, and Raina and Skye start be covered in weird materials, (much like the recent Inhuman arc about the cocoons) and Trip wasn’t affected, until a shard of the exploding crystals in the Obelisk hit trip in the chest, killing him like all the other unworthy people who touched it. Skye emerges, sporting some cool new Quake-like powers. Trip died, Mack is back to normal, and everything erupts in a quake (cause I was right), and Trip crumbles to pieces.

The episode ends without showing us Raina’s transformation, but we see another Obelisk in the possession of an eyeless man, and obviously someone else has one, since he calls them and asks them about their obelisk’s lighting up showing someone “new.” The eyeless man is possibly Reader, an Inhuman from the recent Inhuman series.



Final thoughts:

Skye is finally revealed to be Daisy, which makes her father Hyde (as I stated in a few of my recent SHIELD related articles).
The Diviner is shown to be a Terragen bomb (as I stated in a few of my recent SHIELD related articles).
Trip dies, Mack is shown to be alive, and after the Obelisk was set off he reverted back to normal.
The last scene shows another Inhuman, possibly Reader, or someone else with no eyes.

I’ll be posting more about the possible outcome of this week’s episode with some theories on where the show could (and probably is) headed. Keep an eye out for it.