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Marvel/Sony Deal Possibly In The Works

Marvel/Sony Deal Possibly In The Works

The rumors have been flying about the possibility of the Marvel/Sony deal over using Spider-Man in future Marvel films. Recently, with Sony’s recent trouble with some hackers, a bit of proof of the deal has been leaks.

Marvel has recently been in talks with using Spider-Man in 2016’s Captain Americs: Civil War.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Sony is really trying to push the Spider-Man franchise in as many directions as possible, including a Spider-Man related spin-off produced by the team behind “The LEGO Movie.” Emails from the inbox of Sony Pictures Co-Chairman Amy Pascal also revealed a confirmation for the previously announced female-led “Amazing Spider-Man” spinoff.

According to the newspaper, the emails c0vered expansive conversations over the possibility of the cross-over with Marvel that went as high as Sony CEO Kaz Hirai and Disney CEO Bob Iger. In an email from October to Pascal, Sony Pictures President Doug Belgrad even tossed the idea around of Marvel producing a new Spider-Man trilogy, with Sony retaining “creative control, marketing and distribution.”

Eventually the talks broke down, and Sony had some emails mentioning an upcoming in-house “Spider-Man Summit,” to discuss the future of the franchise (Perhaps a deal is struck, or Marvel is buying back the rights, or they’ve come to a conclusion or… It could be anything).

The future of Sony’s Spider-Man franchise is so unsure of itself right now, with release dates constantly changing, and films going on and off the slate erratically. Here’s hoping we get to see Spider-Man back at Marvel sooner than later.


Krypton: Coming To Syfy

Krypton: Coming To Syfy

It has been confirmed David S. Goyer is bringing Krypton to SyFy. The news was met with mixed reactions. Many people are worried it will be met with many of Gotham‘s problems, like trying to throw every reference they can into every episode, rather than create their own mythos. This time period in Krypton’s history is relatively unexplored, with little more than the occasional allusion. We could see things like the origin of Brainiac, perhaps a new version of the origin of Cyborg Superman (to some extent), perhaps Doomsday (NO NO NO). There’s so many things they could do, and so little they won’t.

David S. Goyer was the man behind the Man of Steel, and I can imagine Krypton will feel very much so like Krypton did in the film, with the dinosaur things, and the weird looking cities. This may be something to SyFy’s benefit. By exploring that world, years before it was shown in Man of Steel, there are so many plot points that we could see. Let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts of Krypton:


  1.  Do: Show us a Green Lantern. With Warner Bros./DC Comics Television constantly trying to spin itself off into new shows, show us a something believable. With Krypton probably not focusing on any “superhero” aspects, and more likely a relational drama, showing a Green Lantern could keep the show grounded enough in the overall universe of DC Comics, without forcing Superman aspects down anyone’s throat in an unbelievable way. You could show Abin Sur, or someone of that relative recognizable standing, but possibly no more than as a cameo or one time plot device.
  2. Don’t (and a Do): I do not want to see any references to Doomsday. This show takes place long before Clark’s time, and should not focus on any form of crime fighting. The show should be a political drama about the families, much like Game of Thrones, by throwing Doomsday in there, you bring a more unbelievable aspect to a Sci Fi show. Is that even possible? Doomsday doesn’t fit with Superman’s Grandfather on Krypton. The only way they could work is if Kryptonians had super powers, which they don’t. Maybe allude to the “ancient Doomsday,” or something.
  3. Don’t (And a Maybe Do): Don’t give Kryptonians powers. Kryptonians don’t have powers like Superman did, since Krypton had a Red Sun. A Red Sun is one of the things that would remove Superman’s strength (and other powers) so giving them powers would take away from the realism. And don’t just give them a yellow sun just so they can give them powers.
    However! They could give Krypton a yellow sun and watch it transition from it’s typical, power giving, life supporting yellow properties, to burning off it’s hydrogen slowly throughout the show’s run explaining Krypton’s impending doom, and eventual death, with Jor El’s father being the only one seeing it coming, and the family being ostracized for their “insanity.” A political move by the rivaling Zod family to control power, and drive the El family out. Eventually, everyone would regret going along with this, sometime in the shows final season (That I could get behind.) Tl;Dr? Yellow sun decaying, everyone’s powers are erratic, leading to the sun going red, as a plot device explaining some of the politics, and the eventual death of Krypton. The only downside to this, though, is wouldn’t the yellow sun give them the weakness to their own planets geology?
  4. Do: I’d like to see a young Jor El on the dating scene, and eventually getting married, with allusions to Kandor, Jor El’s in-laws (or sibling’s family) and the eventual birth of Kara later in the series. Don’t show Kara or Kal El until the show has a limit for how long it will last, like the last season. By having the kids in the show it severely limits how long the show can last, with their eventual arrivals on earth at a certain age limiting how long you have with them.
  5. Do: I’d like to see Zod and his family (possibly parents at this point) and allies. Set it up like a political drama, with the El family rivaling the Zod family, and set up the future of Zod the criminal and his eventual imprisonment in the Phantom Zone.
  6. Don’t: Don’t show Krypto, he’d be really old by the time Superman was born, if this show focuses on Kal El’s father (unless Kryptonian pets have extended lifetimes, which I doubt). You could, however, give the main characters a pet alluding to the possibility of Krypto (maybe Krypto’s parents?). There are a few ways you could allude to Krypto without actually creating him, and I would like to see Goyer go that route, rather than showing Krypto, even as a puppy.
  7. Do: Create a rich, unique world, filled with nods to the comics, without doing it so much it takes the comic book reading viewer out of the show. If you’re going to tie the show in to other properties, then you can get away with nods and references, since they lead less to speculation, and more to connection. A show like Gotham or Krypton, however, don’t have any ties to other properties, so too many nods or references that aren’t fully explained or utilized, take the viewer out of the show. Keep things grounded., light, and fun. Try not to make the show so dark that the viewer has to watch Breaking Bad to feel good again. Keep some fun involved, and make the show it’s own, unique entity. Don’t draw from Man of Steel, or people are going to assume that this show takes place in the same world, and don’t draw too many parallels from Gotham, or people will assume the same.

I hope the show is fun, and filled with references I can enjoy and believe. I hope the show takes us in a new direction for Superman lore, and I hope that they don’t spend too much time explaining every detail to non-comic readers. Just make the show you want to make, people will be ok. We’re not dumb, and if someone is watching it and they don’t get something, they will find out for themselves by reading comics or asking friends. A comic book show benefits from leaving unanswered questions that only comic fans can enjoy. It self promotes your property for others to explore further. Shows like the Flash and Arrow seem to have that formula down pretty good.


Now don’t disappoint me.

What do you guys want to see in Krypton? Any characters, references or allusions? Keep in mind, the show focuses on Jor El’s father, not Jor El himself. This sets the show back a reasonable amount of time.

Star Wars #1 Art Preview From (Art by John Cassaday)

Star Wars #1 Art Preview From (Art by John Cassaday)

Star Wars Comics have been a staple in Star Wars fans lives for the better part of the last forty years. Marvel first picked up the property at the tail end of the seventies, and it was the first thing that saved Marvel from bankruptcy (followed by the 80s age of darker comics, the 90s age of “selling out everything we have to third party film studios,” and finally with the “using whatever we have left to make our own movies and subsequently being bought by Disney,”).

In the 90s Dark Horse comics was a small comics company owned by a comic shop owner named Mike Richardson, and somehow Dark Horse exploded into the company filled with amazing titles, like Hellboy, the Mask, Sin City, 300, and more, with publishing rights to the biggest names in Japanese manga, as well as such huge sci fi properties as Alien, Predator, Serenity, and eventually Star Wars. When Disney purchased Star Wars from Lucasfilm, a deal was struck being Star Wars back to Marvel.

At first I wasn’t a fan of the idea, with some of my favorite Star Wars titles being cancelled (and there were lots of them, from Agent of the Empire, to The Star Wars). Today Marvel’s website gave an exclusive preview of John Cassaday’s stellar art on the upcoming Star Wars title, and I have to say, I am excited.


1. R2-D2 looking funky fresh with that arc welder, intimidating that Moff, and the crew is looking pretty fly about to kick some butt. And it appears as though Luke was the butt-kicker in the last panel, although Leia seems to have some skills of her own. With the siblings (unsuspecting still) wearing the same get-up– is there a reason? And if so, why isn’t Han? These are the kinds of questions we’ll be stuck waiting for until January 15th.

2. Cassaday has got a firm grasp on how to draw that handsome Harrison Ford mug, so I’m excited to get my hands on this issue. It appears as though the Moff is giving in, and the gang has a run of the place. This story just looks to be getting better and better– But what is that? R2-D2 is vomiting? Why would he be doing that? This is an interesting turn of events. Is that fuel? Is he going to set the Storm Troopers on fire? What could this mean? A more violent take on our beloved characters?


3. Luke and Leia in skiff guard uniforms actually kicking butt. This is awesome. Luke getting in on the action as well, obviously. I can get behind that Cassaday’s stellar linework, and the slick colors of Laura Martin, this story will be the first in the new Expanded Universe to take place within the new canon of the Star Wars series. Why’s this good? There are so many young Star Wars fans intimidated to pick up a Star Wars comic or book due to the rich history, and the daunting task of reading hundreds of novels. Now anyone can get into the EU and enjoy it.
This comic, however, takes place shortly after A New Hope, so why is Leia wearing a skiff guard get-up and kicking butt? Should she be? I can’t wait to find out.

4. R2-D2 giving those thugs the shocker like a complete boss. Taking the fight ehto the imperials? I can get behind that. But why are Luke and Leia wearing the outfit? Are they going to set this up for future issues revolving around Return of the Jedi? Obviously. Can’t wait to read this book. The New Expanded Universe is something I can get behind. By the time I was getting into the Star Wars EU, there was already decades of comics and books to catch up on, and ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.


What does everyone think of Star Wars being back at Marvel? What do you guys want to see in the new Expanded Universe? What do you think of the Expanded Universe? Let us know below!


David Goyer Developing Superman Origin Story Krypton To Air on Syfy

David Goyer Developing Superman Origin Story Krypton To Air on Syfy

With the success of the recent DC comics show Gotham on Fox. DC could soon be giving anther one of their famous characters an unnecessary origin story. After news broke this week that David Goyer best known for his work on The Man of Steel, and for his work on the Dark Knight Trilogy is in talks to develop a show for Syfy titled Krypton. In a statement from Warner and DC comics they described the premise of the show “Krypton takes place years before the Superman legend we know, when the House of El was shamed and ostracized. This drama, which is in development, follows the Man of Steel’s grandfather as he brings hope and equality to Krypton, turning a planet in disarray into one worthy of giving birth to the greatest Super Hero ever known.” 

The show sounds like it will have a lot political elements, something Syfy has done a good job with in the past with other shows such as Battlestar Galactica. I also think if anyone can pull of the complex visual effects needed to bring the world of Krypton to the small screen its Syfy. Overall Krypton has promise its being developed by one of the best creative teams in DC and its on a channel that should allow the show to take some risks. In the overwhelming number of comic book shows coming to TV Krypton has me exited, a political drama set in a science fiction universe, were do I sign up?


Circa Survive – “Descensus” Review // Music Review Monday

Circa Survive – “Descensus” Review // Music Review Monday

The album that almost never happened. That’s how the band refers to their latest concerted effort. The album starts with the track Schema, a powerful song, one of the most energetic of Circa Survive’s entire career. Lyrically, this album is in a completely different place than anything else they’ve ever done, as well. Anthony Green wrote this album after leaving rehab.
The band was in a tough place leading up to this album. Colin Frangicetto and Nick Beard, the band’s guitarist and bassist, were both facing divorce. Anthony Green took time off to focus on his solo career, and in the end had to come forward with his debilitating heroin addiction.circa survive

‘I’m addicted to heroin, and I want to kill myself, and I don’t think I’m good to be around anybody in my family and they’d be better off if I was just dead.’

That’s how Anthony felt before rehab. His wife had suspected he was using, but no one knew what it was exactly. The album is filled with metaphors of life, death, addiction, and depression, as well as some lyrics that allude to the most desperate moments of Green’s life. Always Begin starts with the lyrics, “I never wanted to beg for you, I never wanted to ask anyone for their help,” clearly alluding to the moment where he asked for help. The band is in a much better place now, and this album clearly shows the maturity and improvements they’ve made over the years.

Only The Sun is one of the catchiest songs they’ve ever written, with tortured lyrics and catchy guitar riffs. The album thrives on the emotions of frustration and guilt, and you can feel it. Green’s usually vague subject matter is a little more evident after the public statements made about Anthony’s struggle with addiction. The particularly harrowing yet beautiful Nesting Dolls is a deeply personal ballad, and Green digs into your skull with the repetition of “I don’t wanna feel like this ever ever ever ever ever again,” after the admittance of “You shouldn’t stay, we’ll never change.” It’s heart wrenching, knowing that the words were written out of guilt over his addiction. It’s cathartic listening to such a beautifully broken album. Props to Green and the rest of Circa Survive for producing something so raw and real.

Even the album’s title has a deeper meaning behind it. Descensus refers to “The process of descending or falling from a higher position.” I’m sure you can figure out what they could be referring to.

The album is the best they’ve done since 2007s On Letting Go.  If you haven’t heard it, check out the title track below.

Rating: 8/10
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