New Found Glory – Resurrection

Most people would tell you that New Found Glory has sounded the same for the last 15 years. And that’s true. But unlike most bands that change singers or drummers or guitarists every other album. The only difference between this album and the last 7 (!!!) is the lack of guitarist Steve Klein. Klein founded NFG in 1997 with lead singer Jordan Pundik, and contributed to the writing process every time. Without him, not only has NFG managed to still write a killer pop punk album, but they’ve managed to do so with one less guitar rounding out their sound!

The album is tight for sure, but is it versatile? Not only does every song sound similar to their genre, but they also managed to recreate some of the magic from 2006’s classic, Coming Home. Yes, the album is great, and if you’ve ever liked the band, now is the time to pick up an album. They don’t show signs of slowing down, so here’s to another 17 years! And if you never heard about it, it’s never too late to go pick up the Dashboard Confessional/New Found Glory split entitled,  Swiss Army Bromance.