Newly “Discovered” Arkham City Easter Egg

Three years ago, Rocksteady released Batman: Arkham City, which IGN gave a 9.5, and Game Informer gave it a solid 10. One of the highest rated games of the last decade, Arkham city was chock full of Easter Eggs and surprises. It’s no surprise that there is at least one out there that has yet to be discovered.

A recent YouTube channel (JG Jour, which means Julien Gregory Day, the Calendar Man) has released a video showing an exchange between Batman and Calendar Man. There were several of these that were known already, and if you had gotten the 12 Holiday stories from Day, you got a trophy/achievement. But this new video shows Calendar Man saying something entirely new… and it cuts out early. If you set your consoles internal clock to October 13, 2004, you get a new dialogue from Calendar Man. The YouTube channel reportedly has two private videos, hopefully to be released at a later date.

Who is JG Jour? I believe it to be someone on the Rocksteady team. Last year the team released a statement that there was “still more to discover,” and with Arkham Knight coming next year, they’re going to probably tease more secrets right up until release day, just to keep people interested.