Pee Wee Herman To Return To The Big Screen?

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Paul Reubens discussed the huge Blu Ray box set for the original series that aired from 1986 to 1991. In a surprise turn of events, the interviewer asked about a rumor about a new Pee Wee Herman movie, to which Paul Reubens replied , “There’s going to be a big announcement any minute now.”

That’s big news! He followed with a short description of exactly how big this announcement will be.

“Yes. It’s been months and months of being right on the verge of being announced…I thought something was going to go public yesterday, actually, and that [Rolling Stone would] be the first [media source] I’d be talking about this with. But I’m thinking there will be something made public very soon. It’s going to get made shortly after the new year. I wish I could tell you about it right now, because…I mean, it’s amazing. It’s going to be amazing. It think it first got leaked four years ago or so that the movie was going to be made, and ever since then it’s just been stalling and stalling. So I’m really ready for this to happen. But I’m not kidding: It’s very imminent.

Very imminent. How imminent? Very. This could literally be announced anytime, and then it’s just a count down until release. This is big news for folks who grew up on the insanity that was Pee Wee’s Playhouse.