Scary Kids Scaring Kids Singer Dead At 29

Monday saw the loss of a great singer in the music scene. Tyson Stevens, former lead singer for the now defunct Scary Kids Scaring Kids, died of what looked like possibly a heroin overdose. Cause of death is currently unknown, but his girlfriend and mother told the police that it may have been heroin.

Stevens, 29 at the time of his death, had recently been clean of heroin, and all that was found at the scene was marijuana paraphernalia. He will be missed.

It’s a shame that the music scene is so filled with drugs and alcohol. So many great musicians die young due to drug addiction. Literally hundreds of musicians have been lost to drug addiction, and one of the major causes of schism between band members leading to disbanding is drug use. Many great musicians have been lost, and it doesn’t seem to look like the trend is stopping anytime soon.

What a shame.