Spider-Verse, AXIS, and Time Runs Out

With all these events underway, it’s not so hard to see where Marvel is going with it. It’s all leading up to Secret Wars.

Let’s start with Spider-Verse updates. Spider-Man has somehow found himself at the center of the omniverse, being hunted by the “Inheritors.” Our Spider-Man, from earth 616 is the “greatest” of them.

There are three specific people Spider-Man of earth 616 has to protect: The Bride, the Other, and the Scion. So far the Bride is revealed to be Silk, the other is revealed to be the Scarlet Spider (both of Earth 616), but who is the Scion? I think it might be someone unexpected, and not a Spider-Man we think of as Spider-Man. I think it could be Carnage or Venom. The word Scion means descendant, and Spider-Man passed the Venom suit to Eddie Brock (making him a “descendant,” and Carnage is a descendant of Venom, furthering the “Scion” possibility. It could also be Spider-Man’s daughter, who may have had her death covered up by Osborn. Weirder things have happened.

And then there’s the Loomworld.


What’s that? That image reads something about countless wars across the multiverse? Where does this tie in to upcoming events? I think this is Battleworld. They’ve established multiple characters in this story that marks this as it’s own unique earth, and the Great Weaver is a Spider-Man of that earth. This could just be one “country” on the map of Battleworld. I think this all ties together.

And now to AXIS, where the Avengers are MIA, the team led by Captain America is literally crazy evil, and Sabretooth and Mystique are seen infiltrating an Apocalypse/X-Men run part of New York, and the Avengers are gathered to stop them. Who are these new Avengers? Why it’s Loki, Absorbing Man, Hobgoblin, Carnage, Sabretooth, Magneto, Mystique, Steve Rogers, and what wait wait wait. None of this makes sense. The Avengers, including Steve Rogers were shrunk with Pym Particles. Over in Logan Legacy, Sabretooth and Mystique were locked in a cage together. Thor lost his arm, but has it during this event… Which leads me to believe that a twist of this story could be that all of this takes place outside of the main Marvel continuity, and is yet another alternate earth. Which would also explain why Spider-Man isn’t off saving the day in Spider-Verse.

It seems like Rick Remender, Dan Slott, and Jonathan Hickman are writing a bunch of events all at once, leading up to one big payoff (Secret Wars) but forgot that other writers are using the characters… at the same time. It’s a continuity mess. It’s a good thing the stories are still fun, otherwise this would be a chore to read.

But how does this all lead up to Time Runs Out? And during that event, where is Spider-Man? Does Spider-Verse take place eight months in the future? It’s all confusing.