The Future Of Marvel’s Netflix Deal

This could be Marvel’s big “in” to the Horror Genre. They could essentially have a foot in the door for any genre they want. They could do a Howling Commandos series at some point, for the WWII guys, and no one would even notice that it’s Marvel. They can do anything they want at this point. With the films being broken into phases, I’d like to see more Netflix Series’ get at least soft announcements, pending the popularity of The Defenders. More heroes over more time! But who would make sense? Well, if the first phase is The Defenders, I’d like to see the next set be loosely based on Midnight Sons, the team would actually consist of a a couple teams and others:

1. Werewolf By Night: Launch this series around Halloween. The story could follow Jack Russell and his adaptation to the werewolf lifestyle, and eventually would see him defending his neighborhood from supernatural attacks. Defending only does so much, however. Jack notices a high level of Vampire activity, and tries to stop it. His powers dwindle as the days go on. With no full moon, how can a werewolf keep his powers? And who’s behind everything? Dracula could be pulling the strings, but Jack would be mistaken by attacking someone else…

WEREWOLF BY NIGHT by knockmesilly

2. Morbius the Living Vampire: Michael Morbius was a Nobel Prize winning biochemist, and he attempted to treat himself for a rare blood disease using vampire bats. The treatment had some side effects, turning Morbius into the Living Vampire! Jack would attack Morbius, mistaking him as the source of all his problems. Jack didn’t stand a chance against Morbius, without transforming. Luckily, Morbius isn’t the bad guy. He’s trying to stop it just as much as Jack is! Morbius would fight his way across New York to stop Dracula, but he was too weak. Captured by the vampire, Jack has to look for help…

2. Blade:
What’s a horror story without the hero? This guy is one of Marvel’s most well known horror characters, having had 3 films and a short lived TV series. He’d fit well on Netflix, and the show would be huge. Jack Russell tracked down Blade, and tried to get his help to stop Dracula and save Morbius. Dracula is too strong for Blade, and Blade spends most of the story trying to kill Dracula, but his army of vampires is unbeatable! Blade would need to recruit… The Nightstalkers! Blade and the Nightstalkers finally defeat Dracula and his minions, but the supernatural is now making the news. With Dracula gone, the evil terrorizing New York wasn’t finished. There was someone else behind it. And with that news comes a fiery Spirit of Vengeance…

4. Spirits of Vengeance: This show would feature not one, but two Spirits of Vengeance. Johnny Blaze was the first Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance. After Danny became the Ghost Rider, Blaze attacks him with nothing but his shotgun and regains some of his powers over hellfire. The two men team up to fight evil. They are chasing Deathwatch, a demon posing as a crime boss in New York, and the source of all the supernatural happenings in the city. The Spirits of Vengeance attempt to take down the demon, but are defeated. Deathwatch has built an army of vampires and demons in New York, and Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze aren’t enough to stop them.

5. Midnight Sons: Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze turn to Morbius, Blade, and Werewolf by Night for help. Blade and the Nightstalkers, Werewolf by Night, and Morbius all team up with the Spirits of Vengeance to put a stop to Deathwatch. It would be revealed that Deathwatch is in possession of the Darkhold, which is the source of his power. Destroying this would put a stop to his nonsense! This would be the Rise of the Midnight Sons.

There’s so many characters I’d love to see in this set of series’. Man-Thing, Scarlet Witch, and Doctor Strange, just being a few. There are so many ways to write this, how can they not do it? Here’s hoping they do. Let us know what you want to see in the comments!