This Week’s News Roundup Debut! Shazam, Cap 3, Labyrinth 2, and More!

The show this week didn’t delve into the world of comics as much as we’d like, and after we left the studio a little Marvel and DC film news got released, so what better way to keep you all in the loop than to keep you all updated? Weekly News Roundup will be a weekly article tying together the weeks news all in one place!

1. Marvel has been teasing Secret Wars for months now, and with the current Time Runs Out event showing how the Marvel Universe leads into that event, there are a few questions left to be answered.
Where is Spider-Man? With no word on his whereabouts during the event, and with him not appearing in the event so far at all, does that mean he doesn’t make it out of Spider-Verse alive? With “Spider-Gwen” being as popular as she is, and Spider-Man not making an appearance in the future of the Avengers and the lead up to Secret Wars, could “our” Spider-Man be dead? And will the multiversal cross over be a way to bring him back? We’ll have to wait and see.
That being said, the future of the Avengers was a huge change, and with New Avengers and the main Avengers title taking us through that event, what’s going on in Avengers World? Starting in Avengers World #17, the status quo changes that lead up to Time Runs Out are shown. What leads to Sunspot leading the Avengers? Why is Captain America running SHIELD? Why are the Illuminati on the run from everyone? And where is Tony Stark?

2. Ash Vs. Evil Dead series coming to Starz! Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell both return to the Evil Dead franchise to scare up some ratings, and will be a short run ten episode series, and will premier next year. And you KNOW he’ll have his chainsaw and boomstick!
3. X-Men Apocalypse will feature a big romance on-screen– but it’s not who you think! Since the announcement that X-Men Apocalypse would be taking place in the eighties, a lot of people have been expecting the return of the Scott-Jean-Logan love triangle, but the romance that will be taking center stage will be between Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence’s Magneto and Mystique, respectively. This relationship was established onscreen in 2000’s X-Men, and makes sense to tie everything together for the franchise. It also makes sense from a marketing standpoint, with Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender being A-list names. They’ll be joined by James McCavoy and Evan Peters, confirmed, with new characters also joining: Cable, Gambit and Psylocke, with Channing Tatum’t Gambit getting his own film. Other characters to appear: Cyclops, Storm, Jean and Nightcrawler, all confirmed by Bryan Singer, with Xavier returning and this time possibly being bald. Currently Tom Hardy is in negotiations for a villain role, but not necessarily as Apocalypse. (Although his Bane voice sounds an awful lot like Apocalypse)

4. The Shazam film is to be seperate from DC’s Cinematic Film Universe. With New Line Cinema handling the film (the first DC film to not be handled by Warner Brothers), the film will most likely take place outside of the main DC film continuity. It seems like DC is setting up multiple universes for a long game– they can’t POSSIBLY be repeating Marvel’s mistake of putting the rights in other studios hands, can they? With the different franchises on television not taking place in the same universe, and The Flash establishing a “Crisis” in the future that potentially could lead to future crossovers… Could DC be planning multiple universes intentionally for cross over events? We’ll have to wait and see.

5. The cast of Captain America: Civil War keeps expanding, and now they’ve added an additional villain. With the recent announcements that Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther will debut in the film, Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark would be making an appearance, and Frank Grillo’s multifilm contract as Crossbones to include Cap 3, what could the overall story be? Who is Daniel Bruhl going to portray? His announcement as a villain aside, several fans of the franchise have made the following assumptions: He could be Peter Parker, with the “unnamed villain” throwing off fans from finding out about Marvel’s secret deal with Sony (unlikely), he’s MODOK, (even more unlikely), or he’s really just an unnamed villain, and there’s no evidence as to who yet. What we do know is that he will also be in Doctor Strange. We’ll just have to wait and see.

6.  With the announcements for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Infinity War still fresh in our (my) mind, there has been a lot of buzz about possibly seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers 3/3.5. This may in fact not be true, however, there is still no news on Mark Ruffalo’s possible appearance in the film in a way to tell a Planet Hulk-esque story, without getting his own film. This cannot be confirmed nor denied, but we do know that the Guardians are not guaranteed to make an appearance in Infinity War. This isn’t surprising, as the characters would do well in the film, but it would be too much. With The Inhumans, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel on the way, there would just be too many characters in one film.

7. The Labyrinth 2 mistake: My newsfeed has been full of Labyrinth 2 statuses and people are excited for a film to be released “Winter 2014,” however, with the film only being “announced” last month, how would that be possible? Short answer? It’s not. The film isn’t currently in production. It was a rumor that Variety reported, and has since been debunked. It’s ok, though, it probably would have sucked, and would have ruined the classic film. There is, however, a manga series and it can be read here.