Top Ten Films Marvel Should Make In Our Life Time

I should preface this article by being clear about what I mean by Marvel making these films: These are the films I would want Marvel to make, should rights issues not have any effect on what they do. Forget about Sony or Fox, these are the films I want made by any means necessary. Legal issues and rules need not apply. This is just a fan boy dream. If I could have my way with Phase 3 and beyond, this is what I’d do.


1. House of M – This film kicks off the list, since it’s my concept to fold the X-Men and other “lost” Marvel franchises (Fantastic Four, Spider-Man) into the MCU, by using Scarlet Witch’s reality altering powers (both potentially in Fox and in Marvel Studios) to reshape the world as one. Logan would wake up as an Agent of SHIELD in bed with Black Widow (rather than Mystique), and would freak out, not knowing what was going on. The movie would play out similarly to Days of Future Past and House of M, with minor differences (a bigger focus on Iron Man, Captain America, Reed Richards, and Spider-Man, less focus on all the others. The film would focus on the “top” characters of each Studios’ franchises, and bring them all together as a team to set the world right. When things go back to normal, however, both worlds are folded into one still, with Mutants being in the MCU and Spider-Man would be an established hero as well. This is my pitch for how to bring other franchises into the MCU without sacrificing continuity (Where was Spider-Man during the attack on New York/Why didn’t the attack on New York/SHIELD have any mention in the other franchises, etc.) Layla Miller would also be a major part of the story, spinning off into…

2. X-Factor – The Government fear Mutants. Always has, always will. We can’t control them, and in most cases, we can’t even fight them. The Government contracts its own team of Mutants to deal with Mutant threats. It’s seen as a way to cut down on “human” casualties in war on mutants. This film would be Marvel’s first solo foray into the world of the X-Men, and would deal heavily with characters they hadn’t done much with before. If Fox’s X-Men franchise were to work it’s way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Which may not and probably can not ever happen), this is what I’d like to see. Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man (Since Havok existed in the 60s somehow), is contracted by the Government to gather a team of mutants to deal with threats that only mutants can handle.  Strong Guy, Polaris, Forge, Layla Miller, and Rictor all join, to help stop threats that are sensitive to the public. A fanatic cult leader, Haven, who displayed the apparent ability to heal all ailments and diseases, was calling on mutantkind to rise up against their human oppressors, and to overthrow governments. X-Factor went in to stop her, but the team was divided. Rictor and Polaris showed signs of taking her side, with Madrox and Forge clearly the opposition. Rictor was killed by Haven for being weak in the moment when asked to kill a human, and Polaris rejoined X-Factor and would go on to successfully take down Haven. This story would be a departure for typical X-Men fans, with characters never before seen on film (with the exception of Madrox in X2).

3. Planet Hulk – My pitch is to put Hulk in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Hulk would be “accidentally” launched into space as a solution to a villain problem (show him fighting the Abomination or something in the beginning and jettisoning him into space before crash landing on Sakaar and being forced into a gladiator like existence. Alongside him in captivity would be Drax, Star Lord, and Gamora, captured after the events of Guardians of the Galaxy. The ruler of this planet, the Red King, has an Infinity Gem, and uses it to rule the planet with an iron fist. The Hulk and the Guardians team up and win every battle thrown their way, and at one point are rescued from certain death by Groot, Rocket, and newcomers Mantis and Adam Warlock. The team confronts the Red King, and the planet is nearly destroyed by the Infinity Gem. The battle spans the galaxy, when the Red King finds out about Earth. He vows to travel to Earth and take it over. Hulk and the Guardians stop him, but not before landing on Earth and having the final battle in Times Square (Star Lord is distracted by his surroundings and is nearly killed, but is saved by the Hulk). The aftermath could show Star Lord on Earth, experiencing a “real Earth burger” for the first time in decades. In a post credits scene Star Lord and the Guardians could be confronted by the Avengers or something.

4. Avengers Vs. X-Men – With the Phoenix Saga being wiped away by Days of Future Past, and this list being my take on what should happen (and I know none of this will), I’ll pitch my idea for an X-Men film within the universe of the Avengers. Hugh Jackman and all.
The film would open with a reveal that the Phoenix Force is coming once again for Earth. This time, as it approaches, the Illuminati (Dr. Strange, Xavier, Black Panther, Tony Stark, Captain America, and others) know it’s coming, and vow to stop it. Only Cyclops and his team of X-Men disagree that it could possibly be a bad thing. Jean senses it and believes it could be the power that could stop Thanos (as learned from the Planet Hulk/GOTG film) from using the Infinity Stones to rule the Galaxy. The Avengers and Xavier confront him, convincing him that nothing this powerful could be any good, and the two teams battle it out. In the battle, Jean is mortally wounded (accidentally) and the Phoenix passes over her, and takes Xavier instead. Xavier uses the power to repair the world, by stopping poverty, world hunger, and ensures world peace. In doing so, he crosses many lines, and world governments fear him. The Avengers assemble to stop him by any means necessary, and Scott has to take him down. The world is devastated by the loss of this “force of peace” (who in actuality was growing more and more out of touch with humanity, and more and more out of control), and Scott is branded a traitor and an outlaw (kind of like Batman at the end of the Dark Knight). The film would show a lot more of the X-Men’s perspective, but less Wolverine than in the actual event.

5. Marvel Zombies (Netflix Original Series) – Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones infiltrate an AIM facility where inter-dimensional travel is being experimented with. Upon entering, a portal opens, and zombie versions of many heroes come out and fight the team (Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Punisher– introducing Frank Castle to the MCU). The team is rescued by Ghost Rider and Moon Knight, who shut down the portal, trapping our heroes in this world. The team is then taken to an underground hideout, where all survivors are hiding. The team bands together with this world’s defenders (Punisher and the others) and head back to the facility to find a way back. They come across Ant-Man, who has been captured by Zombie Doc Ock, who utilizes the Pym Particles to grow the portions of Scott Lang’s body he surgically removes. The team defeats Doc Ock, but can’t save Ant-Man. Ant-Man reveals that Doc Ock was working on inter-dimensional travel to leave this world to find more humans to feed on. The team uses the machine to get home, leaving Frank Castle and the others behind. The team leaves to seek out the men they worked with to join their team, only to find out that they aren’t typical heroes like they thought they were. This could spin into Ghost Rider, the Punisher, and other new Netflix series’.

6. Secret Invasion – A sniper takes out Tony Stark during a press conference, but upon investigation of the body, he wasn’t human. He was a chitauri. Somewhere along the line Tony was replaced, and the team suspects he has been dead all along, and everything that’s happened with Tony and the team was just a step in the direction of a larger scale invasion. Fury suspects Tony of having been replaced all the way back in the first invasion, during the events of The Avengers. The team starts to lose their trust for each other, with any one of them being an alien. Maybe they all are, Fury points out. Maybe they’re all brainwashed, and a trigger word would bring them back to their true selves. The team descends into chaos, fighting each other and suspecting everyone. they turn to Reed Richards and Charles Xavier to scan their minds and bodies to see who is who– to which Captain America escapes, transforming on his way out. The team has been infiltrated to the highest levels– and it will take more than just the Avengers to figure out who’s who and what’s what. A sci-fi/thriller/horror style film in the MCU in the same vein as Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Faculty.

7. Task Force X – A 70s spy thriller, with the newly reprogrammed Wolverine tasked with leading Sabretooth, Mystique, and Maverick against Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier, and bringing him back to Weapon X for reprogramming to infiltrate Hydra. No clear hero in the story.

8. Old Man Logan – Almost a direct adaptation of the original story, no major changes. Cast Mel Gibson or Clint Eastwood and you’re all set.

9. Marvel Vs. DC  – The most unlikely film in history, this would have to be a cooperative effort between Marvel Studios/Disney, and DC/Warner Bros. I’d set it in it’s own separate universe, with no effect on the films whatsoever.

10. Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four – Spider-Man attempts to join the Fantastic Four, is rebutted, but before he leaves the Baxter Building, Doom attacks, capturing the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man has to rescue the team, while the team work out their own escape from the inside.