Ultimate Universe: The End– Summer 2015

Marvel.com released this image pointing to a big event coming next summer: The end of the Ultimate Universe.

Starting in 2000, the Ultimate imprint of Marvel comics updated the characters with new origins for the 21st century. A lot of things stayed the same or similar (Spider-Man bitten by a spider, Hulk irradiated by a gamma bomb) while others were vastly different (Cable was Wolverine from the future, Peter Parker died and was replaced by Miles Morales, Green Goblin was a Hulk-like creature, Reed Richards became a villain). The Ultimates Universe has told a few of Marvel’s best stories of the last decade, including the heart wrenching Death of Spider-Man, Reed Richards becoming evil and using Infinity Gems to try and rule the world, and Ultimatum, a story that saw the death of many mainstay characters, including Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Daredevil, Dcotor Doom, Juggernaut, Magneto, Charles Xavier, and Wolverine.

But what could the End of the Ultimate Universe mean? Well, the event lines up with this summer’s Secret Wars, Civil War, Armor Wars, Planet Hulk, and many others. Could this all be one over-arching event that will lead the the overall destruction of the Marvel Universe and a New 52-esque reboot? All of the alternate universes are going to be warring with each other, and this one is coming to an end… Does that mean all of them will and Marvel will start over?

I hope not. I love Marvel’s unending continuity, and the fact that I’ve spent the last two decades of my life learning everything I can about this universe… For it to close entirely? That would hurt me. Deeply. And with recent news the the New 52 might be re-rebooting…

Jeez guys, enough with the reboots. Just tell us some awesome stories!