Weekly SHIELD Debriefing: Mid-Season Finale Recap [Spoilers and I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG]

This week, rather than summarizing the show, I wrote each sentence as it happened. It’s a play by play of the show, with my unaltered predictions and thoughts as it happened. Let’s see how right I’ve been all season about Skye’s Father/Hyde, Skye/Daisy, and who will be around the Obelisk when it goes off. (I’m currently thinking Fitz or Trip, Coulson, Skye, Raina, and maybe Whitehall or Ward.)

May’s still got it: Her flying skills are apparently unmatched, as the team narrowly escapes the incoming missiles of the Hydra Quinjets. The team is gearing up to fend off Hydra coming their way to the Kree city, and with everyone reunited, the team has to plan for the following: Blowing up the city without remote detonators, hoping for the best for Mack, and getting Skye back.

Fitz and Simmons toss around ideas on how Mack may have been infected, not entirely unlike the obelisk killing those who touch it, but instead of a defense, more like an offensive measure, not unlike the “Ophiocordyceps, the fungus that possesses and transforms ants to do their bidding,” as Simmons put it.

Bobbi goes to Mack’s garage to “clean” it, although as we learned in the last episode with the “secret” Mack was in on with Bobbi, she may have ulterior motives. She also claims responsibility for what happened to Mack, and Hunter disagrees, saying the others don’t blame her. The team is divided on what happened to Mack, with some thinking he may be alive, and the majority believing that he’s dead.

Hunter confesses to having trusted Mack more than the others (or as he put it, there are some people he mistrusts less than others) and also makes notice of Bobbi keeping a secret from him, in the form of a thumb drive. “I’m going to assume that whatever’s on it has nothing to do with you and me.”

Ward notes Skye’s level of training, and he also claims to not be loyal to Hydra. He leads her to her father, keeping his promise. Skye and her father have an awkward moment. He admits to his plans to meeting Skye, and how this wasn’t his plan. Skye calls him a monster who leaves a trail of dead behind him everywhere he goes. He’s displaying a personality very similar to Mr. Hyde, which could prove Skye’s real name to be Daisy, an agent of SHIELD codenamed “Quake.”
The scene is emotional, and her father starts telling her about “her destiny.”
Bobbi and Hunter see her contact meeting with Hydra, signalling them by “being early, and wearing a suit.” He tips her off to an address.

Skye’s mother had a gift, and her father wants to “unlock” her gift (Inhuman Terragen Mist gift? Or something new?).
Whitehall is revealed to have murdered her mother and harvested her blood and organs, and Skye’s father is visibly disgusted by her being treated like garbage. Then he begins humming a tune that Skye’s mother used to sing to her, and she recognizes it.  Whitehall summons Skye’s father (he really needs a name, this is getting annoying. This almost proves that when it’s revealed it will be a big deal), and he tells Skye that he’s going to kill Whitehall. He got to meet his daughter, and now he’s going to murder the man that ruined his life, calling it “the best day ever.”

We’re then treated to a delightful scene with one of the Koenigs, who mentions his brother’s “circuits got fried, his cooling system kicked in, and he’s recharging his batteries.” Hilarious “joke” or allusion to his actual existence as an LMD? Coulson then tells Koenig that he and his brother are to return to HQ, and if things go south to activate “Theta Protocol,” which could be anything from notifying Fury to calling in the Avengers… Perhaps later in the season we’ll get some cameos?

Hydra’s using a sweet plasma drill to break into the city below the surface, and Whitehall appears to Ward, Raina, Skye’s father, and Skye. He brings out the diviner, and forces Skye to pick it up, which, she can. She kills a guard with it, and the Ward and her father back her up. Things get tense, and Raina takes the obelisk from her.

Trip and Fitz-Simmons are dropping into the city to set off the bombs and the timers. When Trip gets down there, Mack is nowhere to be seen, and is most likely alive.

Ward is being held by Agent 33, and they have an exchange about having May’s face. “How did you end up with her face?” To which she replies, “Serving Dr. Whitehall.” Ward dryly replies with, “that’s gotta be an interesting story.”

Skye’s father moved to attack Whitehall, after coming to and Whitehall entered. Whitehall put him down with the push of a button, which was apparently due to an device planted on Skye’s Father’s neck. Whitehall tells him that he’s going to experiment on Skye, and he’s going to watch before he kills him. Convenient sound in the distance, the Agents burst in, and Whitehall and his men go to investigate, leaving Ward (restrained), Skye’s Father (I’m going to call him Hyde from here on out, that’s who I think he is), and Skye, also restrained.

He even looks like Hyde (left)

Ward distracts the lone guard while Hyde attacks him, and Ward offers to help Hyde in his quest to kill Whitehall.

In the tunnels below Fitz tells the team to split up to save time, and goes off on his own. Splitting up never ends well.

Hyde sneaks up on Whitehall, and as Whitehall pulls a gun, Coulson shoots him, much to Hyde’s dismay. This leads to a standoff between Hyde and Coulson, with Agent 33 finding Whitehall and crying.

“Join SHIELD, travel to exotic and distant lands, meet exciting unusual people… And kill them.” Best line from Hunter ever.

Hyde attacks Coulson, and the two father figures argue over who can help her. Ward helps Skye escape, and as he turned his back, she grabs the dead guards gun and shoots him several times, leaving him for dead. Skye rescues Coulson from near death, and they have an exchange about the impending change. He calls himself Cal, and calls Skye Daisy, proving what I was saying all along. He is Hyde, she is Quake.


With Whitehall’s death, Hydra loses a head, but gains another. Ward and Agent 33 escape together. Skye/Daisy finds the empty obelisk case, and it’s apparent: Raina went down below. Raina finds Mack, who now is “a part” of the city, and Raina asks him to “take me there,” which he does.

Coulson follows Raina and Skye into the city, and Trip goes after them as well. Raina’s “Guide” comes to a halt, and Raina finds herself at the “end of the line.” A room with a pedestal, and Raina has the Obelisk. Will she set it off with everyone in the city? Skye finds Mack, and is obviously disturbed by it. She heads forward into the room with Raina and the Pedestal, which is about to cause her transformation. The obelisk floats to the pedestal, just as trip stops the last bomb from detonating.

Coulson approaches Mack, and since he’s unworthy Mack attacks. Trip makes it into the room, but Coulson doesn’t. Coulson won’t make the transformation, but Trip will be in there, and will either be transformed or killed. So what will Raina and Skye become? The terragen mists emerge, and Raina and Skye start be covered in weird materials, (much like the recent Inhuman arc about the cocoons) and Trip wasn’t affected, until a shard of the exploding crystals in the Obelisk hit trip in the chest, killing him like all the other unworthy people who touched it. Skye emerges, sporting some cool new Quake-like powers. Trip died, Mack is back to normal, and everything erupts in a quake (cause I was right), and Trip crumbles to pieces.

The episode ends without showing us Raina’s transformation, but we see another Obelisk in the possession of an eyeless man, and obviously someone else has one, since he calls them and asks them about their obelisk’s lighting up showing someone “new.” The eyeless man is possibly Reader, an Inhuman from the recent Inhuman series.



Final thoughts:

Skye is finally revealed to be Daisy, which makes her father Hyde (as I stated in a few of my recent SHIELD related articles).
The Diviner is shown to be a Terragen bomb (as I stated in a few of my recent SHIELD related articles).
Trip dies, Mack is shown to be alive, and after the Obelisk was set off he reverted back to normal.
The last scene shows another Inhuman, possibly Reader, or someone else with no eyes.

I’ll be posting more about the possible outcome of this week’s episode with some theories on where the show could (and probably is) headed. Keep an eye out for it.