Weekly SHIELD Debriefing Part 2: Mid Season Wrap Up [Recap and Spoilers!]

This article will cover the entire second season so far, and make sure everyone’s on the same page before the mid-season finale on Tuesday. There’s a lot to cover!

Heavy spoilers for Seasons 1 and 2 below.

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1. Coulson – Things to know before the mid-season: He solved the mystery of the glyphs, and he no longer has the urge to carve them. He believes that there should be zero acceptable losses, and no one should have to die for their mission to be a success. This is why SHIELD agents use “icers” before real bullets. He’s the world’s biggest optimist, it seems, and he runs the team. Even still, he is the one who ordered the closing of the tunnel over Mack after he fell. He knew there was no “Mack” left to save. Or so it seems.

2. Skye – Skye has had a significant amount of training since last season, and is seen going head to head with Hydra operatives, including Agent 33. She tends to utilize more of her physical strength than her brains this season. Had a few weak moments over her parents, while interrogating Ward, Skye currently finds herself in Hydra custody. Ward’s idea, not theirs.

3. Grant Ward – Ward manipulates Skye several times throughout the season, before escaping, killing his brother, and delivering Bakshi into SHIELD custody. Is currently working for Hydra, and has custody of Skye and Raina. Ward has a body count running, having killed Eric Koenig, his own brother, and many SHIELD agents. Ward is playing both sides. Leaving Bakshi for SHIELD, and taking Raina and Skye for Hydra, he’s playing his own game, possibly solely for Skye’s interests, and for Skye’s father. There’s more to Ward than we can see at the moment. He’s evil, for sure, but what is he up to?

4. The Glyphs – The mystery has been solved, and it appears the Glyphs may lead to Attilan or some other Kree/Inhuman city on earth. They tracked the city to San Juan, Puerto Rico, before having to abandon the site, and Mack within. Technology apparently fails within the city, and upon touching the entrance, it drives one insane, and gives them super strength. [This may have been part of the original site of Attilan, but the Inhumans perhaps moved to the Himilayas or perhaps the Moon. That’s my theory]

5. Raina and the Obelisk – Raina, currently in Hydra custody, is one of the only people known to be able to touch the Obelisk. I doubt Skye’s father can, otherwise he probably would have already. Raina spent a good portion of the season working for Skye’s father, then was on the run, and is now currently in Hydra custody after being rescued by SHIELD. The Obelisk is also known as the Diviner, and may or may not contain a weapon. It is also known as the “key” to the Kree city. [I think the “weapon” is the terragen mist, and the “key” to entering is by becoming Inhuman.]

6. Fitz-Simmons –  The relationship with these two gets less AND more complicated every episode. First, Fitz had a fixation on the MIA Simmons, who was infiltrating Hydra. Upon her return, things got worse with their inability to communicate, and their friend-zone relationship. Mack encourages Fitz to talk to Simmons, and Bobbi encourages Simmons to talk to Fitz. Hella awkward, but I still think they will eventually get together. It’s only a natural progression. Something bad will happen to Fitz, to compliment his already debilitating brain trauma affecting his speech and ability to do his job. I feel like we’ll know one way or the other this week.

7. Skye’s Mother and Father – Skye’s father has been a constant thorn in the side of the team, even going as far as almost killing Agent Triplett. His identity is still a mystery, but I have it narrowed down to a few suspects. [I believe he is either Maximus the Mad, brother of Inhuman Black Bolt, or Dr. Calvin Zabo, also known as Dr. Hyde. Hyde’s daughter is an agent of SHIELD, and she goes by the name of Quake. Perhaps Skye has powers she doesn’t know yet? Or maybe she will gain them over the course of the season. I think Skye’s father was one of the scientists that figured out the GH-325 formula, and tested it on himself– with some insane results. Who knows? There’s also theories of his identity being the Red Skull and Skye is Sin. That one I don’t believe.]

8. Daniel Whitehall – Daniel Whitehall was originally a Nazi/Hydra follower of the Red Skull, going by the name Werner Reinhardt. He was arrested by Peggy Carter, and was put away for life– until he was released, and found a way to restore some of his youth, and re-branded himself as a high ranking Hydra official. He currently runs the Hydra operation featured on Agents of SHIELD (and if the post credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier meant anything, there are more operations out there). He’s currently working with Skye’s father and Grant Ward to figure out the secrets of the Diviner.

9. Agent 33 and Sunil Bakshi – Agent 33 was a SHIELD Agent brainwashed by Whitehall and Bakshi. Unlike Hawkeye, in the Avengers, who was “fixed” by a blow to the head, it appears there is no help for Agent 33. She’s been struck multiple times, and even electrocuted (in the face!), to no affect. She currently is “May’s evil twin,” after wearing a photostatic veil to make her look like May. May shocked her in the face with a live wire, “breaking” the photostatic veil, leaving it stuck to her face. She’s still working for Hydra, still looks like May, and creeps everyone out who sees her who knows May. Bakshi was Whitehall’s right hand man– Until Ward left him as a “present” for SHIELD.

10. The Koenigs – Patton Oswalt’s comic relief on the show (“Sorry, but you’re gonna need a lanyard,”) is a welcome sight. Possibly the funniest aspect of the show, even though the show has its own brand of humor. The first Koenig brother, Eric, was killed by Ward. Sam and Billy are the two brothers currently on the show, and they’ve alluded to more brothers (possibly as many as 13 more!). Most people believe them to be LMDs or Clones, and I don’t disagree. It would make sense, since they were personally entrusted by Fury to safeguard their secret bases, and they were most likely created solely for that purpose. Both Sam and Billy refer to each other as, “The shorter one.”

11. Bobbi Morse AKA Mockingbird – Starting out the season working for Hydra, it turns out Bobbi Morse was on the inside protecting Simmons. The two escape together, and join SHIELD. Bobbi and Hunter were married, previously, and are currently sleeping together. Mack knows something about her that Hunter doesn’t, and that may have been the reason Bobbi knocked him down the tunnel in the last episode. He might have been put there on purpose to keep her secret (although Fitz was gonna shoot him anyways, but who knows if that would have killed him). I predict Mack making a return and revealing the secret to Hunter, but not for a while (I wonder if Mack and Bobbi had had a relationship in Hunter’s absence and that was the secret?).

12. Lance Hunter – Lance hasn’t had much for character development, or his own “story lines,” but he has been great comic relief, and is currently in a relationship with his ex-wife Bobbi, who he had earlier in the season referred to negatively. He’s one of the characters I hope to see more of, and he’s one of the least “safe” characters as far as deaths go (so far) because he’s one of the few new characters to get main cast billing. This could change before the next half of the season, it happens all the time on TV these days, and starting a relationship with Bobbi (the bigger name character who has yet to reach main cast billing), and having secrets kept from him… He could die in the mid-season finale, and Mockingbird could take his place as top billing. I like him, though, so I hope he sticks around. He has good chemistry with everyone else, and is one of Coulson’s go to heavy hitters when he needs them.

13. Melinda May – May had run the team in Coulson’s absence at one point this season, and continues to be his second in command. The Cavalry is handy in the field, but has taken the back seat a lot this season to new field agents (and some returning) Triplett, Hunter, Mockingbird, and Skye. May is currently Skye’s Supervising Officer, and has become more than just the pilot (although she was never just the pilot, was she?) Last episode she had to let Skye and Raina go with Ward, or else they would all die. With the order to shoot them out of the sky, and only May, Triplett, Hunter, and the Koenigs on board (major characters Bobbi, Fitz, Simmons, Coulson, Skye, Ward, Raina, and Skye’s father) are all gone, it could spell the end for those guys. All of these characters have close ties to the other members of the team off the plane, and would only drive them harder to take down Whitehall. Perhaps the big mid-season ending would be the plane being shot down, and Coulson and the others watching from a Quinjet.

14. Alphonso MacKenzie – Mack may be thought to be dead, but he will come back. He’s gained powers, and if the “icers” couldn’t knock him down, maybe his new found powers could keep him alive through the fall? He may be back, and he may just have some surprises in store for the team– and for Hydra. Could he be the next Deathlok? Is he going to be Hydra’s secret weapon against SHIELD? Or will he keep his loyalties? So many possibilities. And what is the secret that he shares with Bobbi? Could it be a prior relationship with her during Hunter’s absence? We’ll have to wait and see.

15. Antoine Triplett – The least developed character on the show, Trip’s spent a lot of time in the background, and after his brush with death, he might be one of the guys that’s not going to make it to season 3. With the plane being ordered to be shot down, he might not make it.


What do you think? Who do you think will survive this weeks finale? Who won’t?