Weekly SHIELD Debriefing: Season 2 Episode 9 [Recap, Predictions, and Spoilers]

Skye’s dream at the beginning of the episode was a little foreboding. It showed Coulson and May abandoning a baby (Skye dreaming about her own abandonment?) or is it a premonition (Coulson and May leaving SHIELD, their “baby?”) and showed Skye being her typical vulnerable self, although she hides the nightmare from Coulson. There’s a lot that this dream could mean, but we’ll get to that.
1. Fitz-Simmons, and their relationship: The show continued with Fitz and MacKenzie, with Fitz evading talking about Simmons. I’m worried they’ll go the wrong direction with those two, showing them seeing other people, when I (and everyone else) feels they belong together. Will we ever see it? Or will it forever only be the subject of fan ‘shipping’ and fan fiction? The show continues the Fitz-Simmons conundrum, this time, for the first time so far, from Simmons’ perspective. She sees him solely as a best friend, and he loves her. It’s hard. #FriendZone
The conversation continues later in the episode, on the mission to San Juan, between Fitz and Simmons, and it gets super awkward (I feel for you, man). Fitz tells Simmons he’s leaving the lab for the garage, to work with Mac.

2. Skye, Raina, Ward, The Koenigs, and the Kree: Agent 33 made a comeback as well, still in her May disguise (from a few episodes ago),and eventually has a fight with Agent Skye. May zapper her face with a wire, and apparently is stuck in her photostatic veil. She reveals herself to Raina in a cafe, and Raina makes a break for it. She’s saved by Agent Sam Koenig, who confuses me. Patton Oswalt is great, and his characters are great, but how does he have an increasing amount of brothers? Is he a SHIELD experiment? A clone? What’s up with that? Sam is the third in line of Koenig brothers (Eric, Billy and Sam, Eric being deceased.] These brothers are seriously weird. Sam refers to Billy as the “shorter one.” and Billy does the same about Sam. I feel like Marvel’s headed in the direction of LMDs (Life Model Decoys). They even go on to “joke” with Agent Tripp that there are 13 of them. They also don’t come clean to the real number, so 13 is my current theory. With eleven SHIELD bases so far (seen, mentioned, etc.), including a few destroyed, I’m thinking there are 13 active SHIELD bases, and 13 Koenig “brothers.” LMDs for sure. Joining the Koenigs in rescuing Raina, are her extraction team. May, Hunter, and Skye. The three pick up Raina, and bring her back to the SHIELD base. Skye and Raina have a talk about the Obelisk, and the potential Skye has in touching it. They also talk about her father, and the origins of the Obelisk. The Kree. This is the first time the origin of the Obelisk and the city are confirmed Kree. The Kree also created the Inhumans… My theories are getting closer to lining up.
Raina is tracked to the quinjet, and Hydra sends Ward on board to get her. He claims to “have picked a side” and takes custody of Raina and Skye for Hydra. I think he’s playing a long game. He’s not a good guy, for sure, having killed his brother, but I think he’s playing a long game for SHIELD, in his own sick, twisted way. He’s going to take Skye and Raina back to figure everything out– for Coulson and SHIELD’s benefit (He also, having been confronted about his brother’s death, notices the Koenigs, and quips, “How many of you are there?” Possibly my favorite running gag on any show. Ever. Mainly due to my love for Patton Oswalt). Eric Koenig (the deceased brother from Season 1) first appeared in Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos as a series regular back in the sixties, and was a mainstay in the Marvel universe for decades. He’s long since been a Life Model Decoy, and has worked inside HAMMER (evil SHIELD) while working for the Howling Commandos (of which he is a founding member). You may remember them from Captain America. Koenig wasn’t a HC, so maybe he’s the real deal, or maybe Eric was, and all these brothers are LMDs. Only time will tell (and maybe there are Koenigs inside Hydra?).

3. Bobbi, Hunter, and Mac: Bobbi and Hunter are back together, as of last episode (they were married). Mac and Bobbi have a short conversation about Hunter, and alludes to “the other thing.” Mac apparently knows something we don’t, and Bobbi isn’t one to divulge. Another secret for us to look forward to. Which leads to the mission:

4. Bobbi,¬†Coulson, Fitz-Simmons, and Mac:¬† We also get a glimpse into the duality of SHIELD. We see Bobbi and Coulson on an op together, and Coulson expresses his differences from Fury. No acceptable losses. Zero. He’d “Rather use a scalpel than a shotgun.” To which Bobbi points out the possible necessity of a shotgun. (Spoiler alert: She’s “the Shotgun.”) It’s nice to see Coulson being himself, and not accepting loss, but willing to admit the necessity of using force. It’s true, not every mission can be accomplished the easy way.

Pictured: Bobbi Morse AKA Mockingbird, Agent of SHIELD

The “temple” Coulson and co. are looking for is under an old fort in San Juan. They send the “dwarves” down to investigate, but they go offline. Mac is sent down to see what happened, and he “activates” the floor of the temple, and erupts in screams of pain and anguish. After being pulled up, his eyes go red and he attacks the team. He gained super-strength, and was immune to the icers. There was no way to take him down, and after he almost killed Bobbi and Simmons, Fitz pulled a gun with real bullets, to save them. Before shooting, Bobbi stunned him with her batons (an electric shock to the neck), and he fell into the tunnel leading to the city (a very, very long drop). They close the tunnel on Mac, to which Coulson tells the team, “That wasn’t Mac.”

So far, Mac is dead. Will he make a comeback? I think so. He’s a great character, and as the new “Deathlok” style character (ally turned enemy turned ally?), Mac has an interesting story ahead of him. No longer the boring guy in the garage, Mac might make things interesting.
Early in the episode, Coulson briefed everyone on the Obelisk, and how it contains a weapon. My theory is the “weapon” is Kree (confirmed this episode), and it’s not a weapon at all. I think it’s the Terrigen mist.
In the Inhumans comics, the Kree released the Terrigen mists into the world, and those affected by it became Inhuman, and gained access into the city of Attilan. The Obelisk has the following properties:

  1. It contains a “weapon.”
  2. It’s the “key” to the mysterious city.
  3. It allows those who bear it to enter the city.
  4. Those who are special enough to hold it are allowed entry into the city.

    The MIsts

All of these things sound much like clues to the Inhumans. The “weapon” is the Terrigen mist. I feel like the mist will be unleashed on some of the Agents. Initially they’ll fear the mists effects, thinking them of a weapon in nature. The mists also were Kree in origin, in the comics, so it all makes sense.

The mists actually transform a persons physiology into something “Inhuman,” (get it?) and is the key to enter the city. Once you receive the change, you are worthy of entering. But only a select few would be affected. Only those who can hold the obelisk. Others would most likely be unharmed. Who do I think are worthy? Coulson (Kree blood brought him back), Skye (Same reason), Bobbi (In the comics, modern Mockingbird has been dosed with not only the Super Soldier syrum, but also the Infinity Formula, giving Fury his extended life. The mists will do the same thing), Mac (who in this episode gained some strength in touching the temple floor), and Fitz. This will be Fitz’s solution to his problems, and would be a step in the direction of bringing Simmons around to liking him (shallow, I know, but that’s my theory).

There’s a lot of doubt concerning the Inhumans. People believe it’s too soon, with the film a few years away. Coulson and co. may be getting closer to this city (Hydra, too!), but that doesn’t mean they’ll find what they’re looking for. Perhaps the Inhumans are on the moon already, and they’ll only find the remnants… This story could go so many ways!

Just give this chick some powers and set her loose in Avengers: Infinity War

What do you guys think of this weeks Agents of SHIELD? Should Mac stay dead? Or will he make his return? Who do you think will be Inhuman? Do you even believe they’re setting up Inhumans this many years before the film? We’ll have to wait and see!