Zac and Chuck Speculate On What Characters and Stories Should Appear In Agents of SHIELD

1. The Punisher/Frank Castle – With the rights reverting back to Marvel, it’s about time we got to see a new Punisher, and since Frank Castle probably won’t ev er get his own film, I’d like to see him make an appearance in a story arc on Agents of SHIELD, and then spinning off into his own Netflix series in the future. Frank Castle is hard to bring into a very PG-13 Universe, since his main function is to maim/dismember/assassinate mob bosses and other villainous individuals. He makes perfect sense for Netflix, where Marvel can cut loose a little bit more with the violence, but it would definitely be fun to see him make an appearance alongside Coulson. Coulson and Castle are such polar opposites, I can only imagine what their first meeting would be like. With Microchip being mentioned in Season 2 already, it’s not that big of a stretch!

Why? To test the character for a possible future Netflix Series.

2. Daredevil/Matt Murdock – With the Daredevil Netflix series debuting in a couple of months, it would make sense that he make an appearance on the show, potentially during the same story arc as Frank Castle. Perhaps SHIELD is feeling a little outnumbered by HYDRA, and they decide to track down individuals like Frank Castle and Matt Murdock to recruit into the cause. Matt would certainly turn it down to protect his neighborhood from the Kingpin, but he could take on a couple missions with the team, which would be very fun to see.

Why? As a marketing move for the Daredevil Netflix Series.

3. Falcon/Sam Wilson – With Sam taking the mantle of Captain America in the comics, it’s obvious that Marvel has been trying to push him into the mainstream as an A-lister. It’d be fun to see Sam interact with the team, and having possibly “heard” of Coulson from Captain America and Black Widow, perhaps he could be the only one to know that he’s actually alive, which would be interesting for his character. He’d be tasked with keeping a secret from Captain America, which could have potential in the long run, if Coulson ever reveals himself to the Avengers (“You knew? How did you know? You don’t even know Coulson!”).

Why? To try and sell more issues of All New Captain America, and to bring a little more to Sam’s story regarding the Avengers.

4. Hawkeye/Clint Barton – With his wife (perhaps in the comics only) being a member of Coulson’s team, perhaps some back story with Hawkeye and Lance Hunter would make both their characters more interesting. A love triangle always adds some intrigue, although that may already be the case with Mac. We know Mac is keeping a secret for Bobbi, but what is it? And could it perhaps concern Hawkeye? That’d be interesting. Mockingbird’s love life could be an interesting bit of catharsis for the show, considering how heavy it may be where they are headed…

Why? To bring a little tension to the Lance Hunter/Bobbi Morse relationship (as if it needed more), and to tie the Avengers into the show a little bit more.

5. Moon Knight/Marc Spector – With the idea that maybe Daredevil and Punisher may make an appearance in a story arc to try and tie more properties in and push the Netflix side a bit, I thought it’d be fun to also bring a character that has never been onscreen before. Moon Knight would be a great choice, and the story arc in question could be about SHIELD tracking down vigilantes to recruit them and aim their misguided, vengeful energies in a more positive direction. Moon Knight would be an interesting choice, and if I had my way, Lance Hunter would have a really big secret; his real name is Marc Spector! (Half kidding on that one!)

Why? To bring a character to screen that has never been before, and to finally have Marvel’s Batman character in the MCU!